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Hotel Resort Ruza Vjetrova

Dobra Voda, Veliki pijesak85356 Bar

Hotel Resort Ruža Vjetrova was established in 2009 with the aim of providing our guests with a unique experience of nature. We have created a special mix of nature and culture, in an atmosphere unique in its conception and design elements, offering guests an authentic, intimate experience. The mixture of cultural, geographic and historical elements and the wide range of services provide an atmosphere of perfect comfort and diversity.

Orange apartments
Choose the energy and tropical atmosphere of one of our three Orange apartments, 35m2 in area with double bed and convertible sofa-bed, air-conditioning, telephone, mini-bar, safe, bathroom, television, Internet connection and balcony with a delightful view of the sea. Feel creative, feel good.

Additional facilities

The Ruža Vjetrova Mediterranean restaurant, which can seat 100, is a buffet-style restaurant for guests, with architecture and interior in contemporary style, with an exceptional view of the sea, which will ensure your enjoyment of Mediterranean cuisine is complete.

A beach bar occupies two terraces above the pool, with around 150 seats and a VIP terrace with a view of the open sea. An exceptional choice of beverages, cocktails and sweets await you, not to mention excellent music. Join the rhythm, join the good mood.

In order to make our guests' enjoyment complete we have thought of everything: we have created a zoo in a snug corner of our resort, as well as a children's playground that will be irresistible to our youngest guests and an artists’ terrace for those looking for inspiration, which can be found all around.

To ensure your experience of the sea and of total enjoyment is complete, we have also prepared a relaxing massage for you. You will relax as never before, as the scents of sea-water, intoxicating wine, beautiful Mediterranean cuisine and pine trees fill your mind and as you enjoy the sunlight, colours and tastes.

Ruza Vjetrova

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