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Čile Hotel

B. Milosevic bb81210 Kolasin
The Zlatni Do Company from Kolasin manages the hotel Chile, the ideal place for your winter and summer holiday. The hotel contains two-bed, three bed and double-bed rooms. Each room has its own bathroom, TV, telephone and central heating. The Hotel also offers a number of luxury apartments.
     The hotel is categorized as three stars according to European standards.
     The hotel is family owned and there is a friendly atmosphere and all this at exceptionally advantageous prices.
   The hotel restaurant offers high-quality European and national cuisine, and we would especially highlight the Kolasin Boned Trout (stuffed with cheese and clotted cream). Hotel Guests can choose from 15-20 different dishes each day (normal a la carte).
    The hotel has all kinds of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, and we would especially mention our own brand of brandy "KRALJICA" and the “VRANAC" wine.
    Apart from the exceptional accommodation, Zlatni Do has, in keeping with new tourist challenges, extended its range of activities to include Rafting on Montenegrin rivers as well as fishing.
    Zlatni Do offers facilities for summer and winter training camps for sportsmen and sports teams.
    We are the ideal base for mountaineering groups and for all those who wish to enjoy the beauties of the mountain paths of Mt. Bjelasica, the Komovi peaks and Mt. Sinjajevina.

Hotel Čile

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