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Skocidjevojka Apartments

85300 Petrovac
The Skocidjevojka apartments are situated in the village of Skocidjevojka (Maiden’s Leap), the most prominent peninsular on the Budva Riviera, well known as a lovers’ haunt. According to legend a young maiden named Ruza leapt into the sea because of her unrequited love, an event immortalized by the Montenegrin writer Stjepan M. Ljubisa. The house containing the apartments is more than 300 years old and has been modernized.

Today there are 5 apartments; two studio apartments and 3 four-bed apartments. All apartments are equipped with satellite TV, air-conditioning and wireless internet connection. All apartments have a sea view. In the garden attached to the Skocidjevojka apartments there is a large open-air swimming pool with a terrace below which is a fitness gym. There are two undeveloped beaches 10 minutes walk away, while the nearest developed sandy beach, known as Drobni Pijesak, is 2 kilometres away. There is a small supermarket 400 metres from the apartments and three restaurants within 1 km.

Once a week the owners organize a traditional Pastrovski dinner for 10 euros per person.

The village of Skocidjevojka is 5 km from Sveti Stefan and 5 km from Petrovac. Reservations

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