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LUCIC Apartments - Tivat

Seljanovo b.b.85323 Tivat
The comfortable, modern Lučić Apartments are located in the village of Seljanovo close to Tivat, around 1 km from the centre of town and 150 m from the sea and the nearest beach. The Lučić Apartments offer the modern comforts of a living room, kitchen, dining toom, bathroom with shower, air-conditioning unit, satellite television and balcony. There is also a spacious terrace within the facility, and one on the roof, with sun beds and shower stall.
The Lučić Apartments are situated in a house with interesting architecture, that provides comfort in a style of its own, creating an exceptional, warm atmosphere. Spacious rooms with all the necessary conveniences ensure a comfortable stay.

On the the 1st and 2nd floors of the house there are five apartments. They are 30-50 m2 in size, intended for 4-6 people.
Parking is provided for guests of the Lučić Apartments, together with free transfer from the airport and bus station.

Apartmani LUČIĆ - Tivat

Mobile: 0038268372879

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