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No matter the reason for your travels to Montenegro, you can always count on our reliable fleet of rental vehicles to keep your drive comfortable to your destination.
Whether you are looking for a small car, mid-size sedan or a spacious family SUV, a luxury car or perhaps an automatic, our friendly staff in Montenegro can assist you with the selection. Visit us on line by sending your request and book your car with BI KOD today. 

When you go on a long road trip, renting a car is often a more affordable option than driving your own vehicle. However, keep in mind that the decision of renting a car depends on many factors. This includes road mileage, fuel efficiency, tire wear, the cost of leasing, as well as the cost of oil changes and additional insurance policies.

Find the car that you need and can afford:

Consider a good rent a car company like BI KOD, with a wide range of high-quality, reliable vehicles to choose from - everything from a wide selection of economy vehicles, such as Skoda, to very comfortable vehicles such as Golf, or even a large family eight seater van... Whether you prefer to enjoy the journey along the Montenegrin coastline, relax on one of many beautiful lakes, explore the mountainous regions of Montenegro, or a joyride ride along Ada Bojana - reserving a car trough BI KOD can make your trip easier and less stressful.
Keep in mind that rental prices vary depending on the model of a vehicle. Obviously, luxury vehicles are pricier, while smaller and more economical cars cost less. Also, the cost per vehicle varies on a daily basis from agency to agency; however, with us at BI KOD, we offer many great options but with rental agreement conditions designed to make renting a car an effortless and worry free experience.

Based on the most recent consumer report, the price for renting a medium-sized vehicle model on a weekly basis ranges from 250 to 500 €.
With a simple reservation system and a wide range of vehicles to choose from, BI KOD is the ideal choice for your rental needs available at the Podgorica airport, Tivat airport, and many other desired locations in Podgorica, Kotor, Tivat, Budva, and Bar.

Before you go on a trip, book your car by filling out an online form below through our agency's website and discover a wide range of possibilities: hourly, daily, short-term, weekly, monthly and even longer rental arrangements. Also, by simply talking to our friendly,  knowledgeable and helpful staff you will be able to find options that suit your journey in the best and most convenient way possible - so pick up the phone or stop by one of our locations today.
Don't forget to bring your driver's license, a valid credit card or cash with the proof of identity (such as a passport, if you are coming from abroad). 

BI KOD rent-a-car agency's small tips on how to save money while renting a vehicle:

- Compare daily and weekly rental rates.

Most of the time the best value for your money is when you rent a car on a weekly bases. Often, weekly rates are much better deals than the daily prices. Sometimes, rent-a-car agencies offer lower prices on weekdays, so if your dates are flexible this could go in your favor.
It also helps to pick up and return your rental vehicle at the same time of the day in order to avoid additional cost.

- Rent a car outside the airport. 

Renting a vehicle at the airport could sometimes cost twice as much as renting it at the local rent a car agencies, which are conveniently located only a few kilometers from the airport. Comfort can get pricey, but if you  consider catching a taxi to get to a rent-a-car agency outside the airport, which is usually a very affordable and short ride, this could contribute to your overall car rental savings.

- Pick up and drop off your rent a car at the same facility or location. 

It has been proven that picking up your car at a specific location and returning it to a completely different location costs more. You can avoid these extra return fees by picking up and dropping off your rental at the same location.

Additionally, BI-KOD rent-a car offers airport transfers (Podgorica, Tivat, Tirana, Cilipi) and other transfers by a car or van anywhere in Montenegro, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, etc. Our drivers will provide the maximum safety, professional service, and a comfortable drive so that your Montenegrin trip could start in the best way possible. Our staff can guarantee a full support to the elderly as well as to customers traveling with children, and our vehicles are well equipped for them.
Simply, send us your request at and we will gladly organize a reliable and comfortable transfer for you. We hope to see you soon in Montenegro!


Mali savjeti BI KOD rent a car agencije kako uštedjeti novac prilikom rentiranja automobila

- Uporedite dnevne i sedmične cijene najma.
Najčešće najbolja vrijednost za vaš novac je kada iznajmite vozilo na sedmičnom nivou. Sedmične cijene su često bolja pogodnost nego dnevne cijene. Ponekad renta car agencije nude niske cijene vikendom, tako da ako su vam datumi fleksibilni, ovo bi moglo da ide u vašu korist.
Takođe pomaže da preuzmete i ostavite vaše iznajmljeno vozilo u isto doba dana kako biste izbjegli dodatne troškove.

- Rentirajte auto van aerodroma.

Na aerodromu cijene vozila mogu biti duplo skuplje nego u rent a car agencijama koje se uglavnom nalaze na samo nekoliko kilometara od aerodroma. Udobnost je skupa, čak i da uzmete kao faktor trošak taksija do rent a car agencije izvan aerodroma, ovo bi takođe doprinjelo uštedi na vašem rentiranom automobilu.

- Uzmite i ostavite vaše auto u istoj ustanovi ili lokaciji.

Pokazalo se da preuzimanje vašeg vozila na jednoj lokaciji i ostavljanje na potpuno drugoj lokaciji košta više. Možete izbjeći ove dodatne troškove ostavljanja automobila tako što ćete preuzeti i vratiti vaše auto na istoj lokaciji.
BI KOD rent a car u ponudi takođe ima prevoz sa i do aerodroma (Podgorica, Tivat, Tirana, Cilipi) i druge transfere automobilom ili kombijem bilo gdje u Crnoj Gori, Albaniji, Hrvatskoj, Srbiji, Bosni i Hercegovini itd. Naši vozači obezbijediće maksimalnu sigurnost, profesionalnu uslugu i udobnu vožnju kako bi vaš put protekao na najbolji mogući načn. Naša vozila i osoblje pružice punu podršku starijim osobama kao i djeci. Navedite destinaciju i pošaljite nam zahtijev na 
Prevoz se vrši novim i moderno opremljenim vozilima. Vozač naše kompanije će vas sačekati na aerodromu, uz istaknutu tablu sa vašim imenom.

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