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Muo, Montenegro

Muo is an anglers' place located inside the Boka Kotorska Bay. One of the treasures of this place is a silver Adriatic bonito fish. 
Muo is a name that most do not use correctly—the origin of the name comes from the noun mulo, or pier. Muo is literally and in name, the village on the pier.  
Every village and town in the Boka Kotorska Bay  has piers, but Muo—only a few kilometers long—has more than fifty piers, certainly a Mediterranean record! The large number of piers in Muo is due to the fact that every house of every fisherman is equipped with its own pier. 
You will almost never find a home without a pier because piers are more than just a safe harbor for boats in Muo. They are a way of life.
But piers are not the only interesting detail about this tiny village. Muo is a picturesque view of the ideal Mediterranean village. Each old stone house has a little porch with a stone bench for resting at the front of the house—this is where neighbors will gather for casual gossip. Flowers and cats are the usual décor found on these porches. Evenings are spent sitting on the stone benches warmed by a day full of sun, listening to the elders tell stories about the craftwork of making piers.
In the past, villagers knew that piers were best constructed of big stones taken from the bottom of the sea. To gather these stones, the craftsmen used large grippers attached to their boats to lift the stones from the water. They would use these stones to form a wall facing the sea current to prevent waves from directly hitting the shore and the boats. To clutch the stones together, the villagers used mussel seashells—this clutching kept the stones standing in one place, rather than allowing them to be swept back out into the sea.
In 1979, when a large earthquake hit Muo, this construction technique proved proficient. While some piers along the coast were swept under water and many left in ruin, the majority of the piers at Muo stayed standing, and still stand today.
Muo provides an exceptional view of the old town, Kotor, since it is right the Bay of Kotor. 
Decorated and masked boats from all over the bay set sail from Muo in the celebratory parade of boats for the Bokeška noć (Night of Boka) end of summer festival. The piers of Muo are also the perfect place to enjoy the fireworks during this festival because you can see both the fireworks in the sky as well as the reflection on the water in a completely unobstructed view.
Swimmers from Kotor take breaks at Muo during training season, as they swim half a nautical mile across the bay. However, swimmers beware. Traffic on the seas is very heavy during the warm season and it is dangerous to swim the bay on your own.
The bay is not the only beautiful feature of Muo, however. The Vrmac mountain stands as a deep green background behind the village, giving all nature lovers something to smile about. The mountain also adds an interesting time feature to the small village—the sun sets nearly two hours earlier in Muo than it does for villages on the other side of the mountain.
Muo is also home to two churches, Kuzma i Damjan from the 18th century and Blaženog Gracije with the relics of the Saint by the same name, built in 1864. The latter church also features an interesting commemoration to the anglers of Muo—a silver Adriatic bonito fish. This memorial was made possible by contributions from villagers and was dedicated to the local church when anglers made an extraordinary catch of bonito fish in just one night. 
The tiny village is an excellent place to vacation because visitors require no motor transportation to get anywhere. Although Kotor is across the bay, it is only a 15-minute walk from Muo and the stroll along the coast between the cities is more like unique museum exhibition than exercise, with many different shapes and sizes of piers to examine along the way.
Elders and fishermen spend a great deal of time on the piers, especially at night when the piers offer an escape from the hot nights and the noise of the city. With their feet dipped in the cool water, fishermen continue to fish off the piers, seeking small, ugly but tasty fish hidden among the rocks in the shallow waters. In the morning, while the city rests from a night of clubbing and the fishermen rest from a night of fishing, their wives sit on the same piers—accompanied by bees, cats and dozens of fish flickering in the water—to clean the previous night’s catch.
And there is nothing better than drinking your morning coffee on a handmade pier under an olive tree planted by the same hand, while taking in the view of Kotor glowing in the morning sun across the bay and listening to the swish of drying bedclothes in the morning breeze.
This perfect summer morning on the Mediterranean is an every day sight in Muo, anglers’ village in Boka Kotorska Bay.