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Diaspora in Argentina - part three

At the cemetery in Madariaga We arrived at the town cemetery in Madariaga, a place where Montenegrins who emigrated to this area have been buried for many decades. In Madariaga there isn't a special part of the town cemetery or a church with its own
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LA MONTENEGRINA(published by Matica Crnogorska 2004)Catalina Milovich LA MONTENEGRINA is a unique story about the establishing of the largest colony of Montenegrin immigrants in South America. Marko Kapitanic, Petar Milovic, Petar Kapitanic, Lazar Kosanovic
lamontenegrina1lamontenegrina2lamontenegrina3 in Argentina: With the Montenegrins in General Madariaga, Part Two

Visiting General Madariaga, Continuation, It really took me a long while to get back to normal after the gathering in the Njegos Hall. So many emotions, recollections, such warmth, integrity, and sincere hospitality I had only once before felt in my whole
221_01 los_pinos221_02 gordan_i_pedro221_03 zid_u_kuci_markovica221_04 prsutara in Argentina: With the Montenegrins in General Madariaga

Gordan Stojovic and, Rodolfo Jokanovic president of the "Zeta" association of Buenos Aires. In front of the Émigré museum in Buenos Aires, the first place that new immigrants landed in, rather like Ellis Island in New York.From
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Montenegrin graveyards in Montana

At the beginning of the last century many émigrés from all parts of Montenegro  and neighboring areas headed in great numbers towards the USA, and settled in the "promised land" in search of a better life.

A Book - Montenegrins in Argentina

Two books relating to Montenegrin immigrants in North America are under preparation: one of them is exclusively concerend with history from the time of the first records of the presence of Montenegrins in the USA up to today. The other book is about Montenegrin
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Montenegrins in Alaska visits Judy Ferguson, the well-known American writer from Fairbanks, Alaska., Judy Ferguson and Gordan Stojovic in Belgrade 10th April 2005. At the beginning of the last century in the stream of people who headed to Alaska during

Argentina - a beautiful country where the people are even more beautiful

Every day new faces and new places appeared. After a whole day walking tour around Buenos Aires and a sort of sightseeing excursion which for me but for almost nobody else (in fact for nobody else at all) was pretty boring. Instead of looking at the splendours
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Montenegrin emigres: Argentina with support from MONTENEGRIN ASSOCIATION OF, AMERICA AND CANADA has published the book: "MONTENEGRIN EMIGRES:, ARGENTINA"., This marks the achievement of two important goals:, - The first book published
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