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Image LA MONTENEGRINA(published by Matica Crnogorska 2004)Catalina Milovich LA MONTENEGRINA is a unique story about the establishing of the largest colony of Montenegrin immigrants in South America. Marko Kapitanic, Petar Milovic, Petar Kapitanic, Lazar Kosanovic, Danijel Svorcan, Mitar Milovic, Mitar Micunovic Settlers from the Kingdom of Montenegro arrive in the province of Chaco in the north of Argentina where they lay the foundations Colonia La Montenegrina. Image In this bookCatalina Milovich,a descendant of the first settlers in this part of the world describes the origin and development of the colony, and the entire life of the Montenegrins in the province of Chaco from the moment when they first stepped on the soil of this distant land up to the present day. The book was first published in Argentina in Spanish in 1997. Thanks toGordan Stevovic Matica Crnogorska has obtained the rights to publish a translation. This work is of inestimable value for our culture in general as it shows in the best possible way all that our emigrants went through from the moment they stepped onto the soil of South America. The book also contains a large number of names, surnames and many other interesting details. The MEMOIRS of Timotije Jokanovic from Trsa to Buenos Aires. The _Memoirs_ of Timotije Jokanovic represent one of the most original and most exciting émigré accounts yet published in this country. The story gives a unique picture of the departure _for America_ and the drama of leaving ones native land _The good ones leave and the bad ones stay_, showing the farewells with loved ones and the last view of Mt Lovcen, to the painstaking struggle to find a place in the society of the new homeland. This story, written by Timotije Jokanovic at the end of the 1940's with the aim of informing his descendants about who they are and where they are from and not letting them forget their origin was sent by Rodolfo Jokanovic to his friend Gordan Stojovic and thus arrived in Montenegro. So far it has had several editions. All further details of the book can be obtained via E-mail from Image. Gordan Stojovic