At we cover Montengro’s soaring mountains with the same gusto reserved for our famous beaches and seaside resorts.  Therefore, we would be fraudulent in our duties to travelers to this wonderful country if we didn’t speak about Durmitor, Montenegro's best-known mountain, and the top attraction for Durmitor National Park.


Durmitor Mountain and Durmitor National Park
Durmitor soars to an amazing 2’522 meters (more than 8’200 feet!). Durmitor, which means “sleeping” in one of Montenegro’s ancient dialects, was listed on UNESCO’s ‘World Heritage List’ in 1980 along with the Tara, Draga, and Susica rivers, whose canyons cut large swaths through Durmitor National Park, and who’s waters feed on its snows.  In Durmitor National Park, the Tara River Canyon is a monument in its own right, running 80 kilometers (about 50 miles) and 1’300 meters, or 4’250 feet deep, second only to the Grand Canyon in the United States!

Black Lake
Around the slopes of Durmitor Mountain, and ranging outwardly into Durmitor National Park which also covers a large mountain plateau called Komarnica, you will find over 18 glacial lakes.  They come in a range of sizes, but at the feet of Durmitor Mountain, you should see Black Lake in particular – known locally as Crno Jezero.  Black Lake is Dumitor’s largest, deepest and best-known lake, and like many mountain lakes formed by receding glaciers, Black Lake has two halves – Big Lake, and Small Lake.  Black Lake also rests on the fringes of both Medjed Mountain and an ancient primeval cone forest. A 3’5 kilometer (2.2 miles) walking pack encircles the lake.

Black Lake may be more symbolic of the region’s beauty than its only attraction – meaning that if you venture far and wide in Durmitor Park, Black Lake and the many other glacial lakes of Durmitor may inspire you to return to the region in future years.

Durmitor – Winter Wonderland
Mountain travelers flock to Durmitor in the winter. Durmitor National Park is known throughout the world as a winter playground.  Interested in a little Snowboarding? The sport has taken off on Drumitor’s slopes during the past 10 years and enjoys a ravenous following, much to the chagrin of Durmitor National Park officials. Mountaineering, including bordering and rock climbing, are also prime attractions for Durmitor.  Cyclists will also leave Durmitor National Park with long-lasting memories, and Durmitor Park has an abundance of mountain cabins to accommodate your adventures.

Mountain cabins

Over 100 kilometers (60 miles) of white water rest in Durmitor Park along the Tara River, making this one of Europe’s prime white-water rafting destinations.

Bridge on the River Tara
When speaking about Durmitor Park, we can’t ignore Europe’s deepest river gorge and Montenegro’s true national treasure – the Tara River Gorge!  The Tara River Gorge, unlike Black Lake’s 49 meters (150 foot) depth, rests at a stunning 1’300 meters, or 4’250 feet deep! 

So if you’re interested in adventure, skiing, cycling, walking a serene mountain path, or just plain enjoying yourself among natural beauty, the Durmitor National Park and adjoining areas may be a perfect choice for your next adventure!