An extremely small number of cities in the world have a holiday that celebrates flowers, the most rare flower species that despite winter cold manage to blossom when no other plant is able to.

This rare flower tree is a mystical Mimosa, but not less beautiful is following Camellia, which also blooms in February.

To date is not discovered the reason why Mimosa survives and is most widespread especially in Herceg-Novi, where we can notice her bright yellow color in the gardens and slopes of villages on the Riviera.

Strong and proud, during harsh wintertime, Mimosa smells and creates the magical atmosphere known to all guests from Europe and the world who had the opportunity to stay in February and March in the city of Herceg-Novi.

Come to Montenegro to experience this unusual winter feeling and enjoy flowers that bloom and blossom during the coldest season.  “47 Mimosa Festival” started on February 05th and will last until February 25th in Herceg-Novi.