On the road from Podgorica towards Niksic, just after you pass the famous town of Danilovgrad which was fated never to be the capital city, on the right-hand side as though cut into the cliffs is the monastery of Ostrog. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see the cliffs where the monastery is situated is that it is incredible that the hand of man alone without the help of the Almighty could have made such a wonder in such a place.

This famous monastery was founded in the seventeenth century. The founder of this unique place Saint Basil was proclaimed a saint and his relics are preserved in this incredible edifice. Ostrog is the most visited place of pilgrimage not only in Montenegro but in a wider area, and members of all faiths represented in Montenegro come to visit it (Orthodox, Catholic, and Muslim).

The relics of St. Basil are believed to have miraculous powers and there are very frequent instances and stories of people who have gone on a pilgrimage and been healed and cured in a miraculous way. In many ways this place symbolizes Montenegro, but above all, it symbolizes the age-old struggle of the Montenegrin people for freedom. Montenegro was for many centuries an island of liberty in the occupied Balkans.

Likewise, the monastery is an island of spirituality and peace amid the cruel inaccessible cliffs of Montenegro. Montenegro.com published its first item about a journey to Ostrog in 2000 when the members of the team visited the monastery, and it was then that the idea of introducing travelogues into Montenegro.com was first proposed.

And so together with the item about Ostrog the "Travelogue" section was begun, and it is now certainly one of the most distinctive parts of our site. The travelogues so appealed to our readers and visitors that we were inspired to go further and to respond to all those who have asked for more pictures from Ostrog.

We are grateful to a great friend of our site Mr. Mladen Perazic for these superb pictures and thanks to him we have the opportunity to see this holy place from a completely different angle and perspective through pictures such as it is impossible to find anywhere on the internet or in popular brochures. Montenegro.com


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