Njegusi for the second time

Updated: 2005-10-29 11:15:26

At the first cockcrow at the break of dawn your reporters set off for their favorite place - Njegusi for the second time!

After the usual annoying wait for the ferry we finally landed at Lepetane.

Photo 0 Njegusi for the second

 Putting on our seat belts and keeping strictly to the speed limits we set off on the next stage of our journey.

First came Tivat in all its bright splendor

Photo 1 Njegusi for the second

(even those who haven't seen it for a long while would have no trouble in recognizing it) where absolutely nothing has changed (at least as far as our reporters can recall).

Then the airport,

Photo 2 Njegusi for the second

the tunnel, Grbalj and then the pride of our coast: the unspoiled, wonderful beach of Jaz.

Photo 3 Njegusi for the second

We stopped before the top on a bend to marvel at this amazingly beautiful beach where in spite of it being late in the year there were still a good number of swimmers.

The next place was Budva

Photo 4 Njegusi for the second

with all its beauty and special attractions

Photo 5 Njegusi for the second

and without doubt the craziest traffic system in the world.

And so picture after picture, beauty after beauty,

Photo 6 Njegusi for the second

sight after sight, "your eyes almost pop out of your head from enormous beauty" as one of your reporters would say.

Photo 7 Njegusi for the second

We began to climb up to the capital city, but kept stopping every few minutes to wonder at the beauty of our unique country.

Photo 8 Njegusi for the second

Suddenly the co-drivers shouted "Brake"! I just about managed to carry out that complicated maneuver just in time to see that our road was blocked by cattle!

Photo 9 Njegusi for the second

Fortunately, thanks to the amazing skill of a little of old lady the road block was quickly removed and we carried on our way.

We stopped for a few minutes at Braici glancing back at the coast and the old fortress,

Photo 10 Njegusi for the second

and then set off again.

We finally arrived at Cetinje, where we were as usual met by the cool air and indescribable peacefulness and the slow pace of life you feel in this town.

Photo 11 Njegusi for the second

We did a quick tour of the billiard hall, the museum and the monastery and then called on the Bishop!
Although we hadn't told him we were coming we decided to visit him and we were lucky to meet him just outside his house.

Photo 12 Njegusi for the second

We sat and chatted with the Bishop who specially for montenegro.com told all Montenegrins wherever they live and however far they are from home to love their country and to never forget who they are and where they come from!

Finally we said goodbye and set off again on out journey!

Cetinje was left behind us as we slowly climbed up, and a view of the stone sea of the katunska nahija opened up before us.

Photo 13 Njegusi for the second

Not one car on the road, nor a single person on foot, not a thing, just as if time had stopped decades ago.

Then we reached the top and saw Njegusi!

Photo 14 Njegusi for the second

We were surprised to find that this time the door of the house in which Bishop Rade was born was open, and we stepped suspiciously inside,

Photo 15 Njegusi for the second

but there wasn't a soul about, just the cold walls and the exhibits.

Photo 16 Njegusi for the second

We had a good look round

Photo 17 Njegusi for the second

and made some notes,

Photo 18 Njegusi for the second

and then...

Why not? Hunger was calling!

We sat in a restaurant in Njegusi and ordered, you all know what, prosciutti and cheese...

Photo 19 Njegusi for the second

...And then a second helping, and another... the rest of the story has been omitted for obvious reasons!

We leave you with some views of our journey home!

Photo 20 Njegusi for the second

Photo 21 Njegusi for the second

Your reporters!