The official beginning of the summer and hot days are around the corner, and you know what that means... It is time for a holiday at sea, or at least to start thinking about summer travel and a break from all responsibilities.

In terms of the seaside escape ideas, we have four different locations, so you have a few shiny possibilities to choose from for your next perfect vacation that suits your preferences and style.

From practicing yoga on a serene fine-grain sandy beach to adventurous sailing around the islands and discovering old fortresses, we have something for every type of traveler.

Sail through Herceg Novi bay

If you like sea and land adventures with the same enthusiasm, a vacation in Montenegro will make you one very happy traveler because there are several locations where you can get only by water. We recommend taking a boat and heading towards the Lustica peninsula, which still has uncovered sandy bays and fortresses. On that road, you will come across Mamula island, an island with the Holy Mother of Gog (Presveta Bogorodica) monastery, fortress Arza at the very end of the Lustica peninsula, and Mirista bay, a destination for the ultimate relaxation.

While sailing to Mirista, you will be inevitably attracted to the island, which captures with its tranquility and mystery, having nothing but a monastery of Holy Mother of God on it. If you decide to stop by and visit this old and historically significant place, you will always come across a kind monk who is at the same time a single resident of this peaceful island. The monastery dates from the fourteenth century, while some claim that it dates back to the eleventh century, and as many as five discovered monasteries in the area witness that theory. The monastery is made of stone found on the island, and completely and harmoniously matches its surroundings, which is pretty hard to describe in words.

Not far from this small island with the monastery, a defensive 'fortification' Arza is positioned from the time when this region belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The fortress stands tall at the tip of the Lustica peninsula, which is the entrance of Boka bay, and it is surrounded by rocks that dive deep into the blue Adriatic. At this very point, it seems as the island is connected with the sea and the bright rock of the fortress defies gusty winds and rising waves already for over a century. Even though the terrain is not accessible after you conquer the rocky surroundings, the round stairs will lead you to the fortress where you can climb to the top. Here your breath will be taken away by the view, which expands to many bays, beaches, and infinitely open azure sea. And one of those beaches noticeable from the fortress is Mirista beach.

Mirista is not one of those glamorous beaches, but its charm will win
you over forever. This is a little beach where you can have total privacy, even during the high season when other beaches are overly crowded. Mirista has that very pleasant, relaxed vibe. The beach is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation of wild plants and flowers, olive grows, and figs growing in some places out of the bare rock. Right next to the beach, there is a restaurant and a coffee shop. There are a few ways to get to Mirista. One of them is by car or motorcycle following the road through olive grows that leads to Zanjice, or by sail with boat or ferryboat. The view from this beach is very impressive because it widens to the Arza fortress, a small island with the monastery of the Holy Virgin and the mysterious Mamula island.

Relax in Dukley Resorts and Budva Riviera

Budva riviera offers several beautiful and spacious sandy beaches, and all of these beaches are unique destinations on their own. When we talk about exclusive beaches, Dukley beach and resort are not only glamorous but also cool in many ways. If you prefer enjoying some quiet time in the shadow of the rocks surrounded by flourished Mediterranean flora while tasting exquisite specialties of the local cuisine and exotic cocktails in the absolute VIP ambiance of the private Dukley beach, this is the right place for you. Take a dip in the turquoise warm sea after a walk on the soft sand of Laguna Beach, from which extends an amazing view of the shore and Budva Old town. From the beautiful terrace of Dukley restaurant, which could be placed among the best restaurants in the world, you may experience unreal sunsets. In the Dukley resort, relationship to nature, protection of the environment, and richness of the submarine life are of the most importance. Here they respect the White flag of the international standards. Rarely, in this part of the Mediterranean, you will experience oases of the landscaped gardens and harmonious beaches like in the Dukley resort.

Music festivals on the beach

What kind of music do you like? How big is your love for travel? Why not combine these experiences with officially one of the most exciting summer music festivals like Sea Dance, and join the masses of good music lovers right on the beach?

The hottest season officially started, and that means vacation and a good time. What is the best way to have fun and at the same time catch the
real feel of some new culture and destination than experience a music festival?

And which festival is better than officially the very best festival in Europe - Exit? This summer Exit presents its extended version - Sea Dance. Fantastic entertainment on Exit continues this year at one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast - Jaz beach. World music stars that are performing on Exit are Sean Paul-a, Mahmut Orhan-a, John Newman-a, Fatboy Slim, and many other amazing artists. If you like concerts and beach fun at the same time, this festival combines both so you can enjoy your favorite band or Dj right from the shore.

Practice yoga on Ada Bojana

One of the most relaxed places in Montenegro, where nirvana is guaranteed, is a beautiful river island made from the delta Bojana river - Ada. The place extends on 600 hectares and 15 kilometers long sandy beach that surrounds it. Ada Bojana is real heaven either for families, solo travelers, or couples on a honeymoon. Everyone who at least once in a lifetime has the opportunity to visit Ada Bojana could witness the widely known natural beauties of this island, beaches, and richness of the plant and animal world. In the delta of Ada, there are 143 fish species and subspecies registered, and that is certainly the real inspiration for the lovers of nature.

If you want to spend your summer holiday in leisure and meditation, Ada is an inexhaustible source of good, positive energy. Guests from all over the world come to Ada to meditate. Because of the wonderful clean sea and a very long soft sandy beach, sports on the water like kitesurfing, windsurfing, and sailing with a catamaran are extremely popular. Over the years, this place became especially attractive to kite surfers and
lovers of this sport visiting from all over the world. On Long beach, there are several clubs for kitesurfing, where you can get lessons, rent equipment and have a wonderful time. To have a complete experience of the summer vacation and enjoy some quality time, you may join yoga sessions on Ada Bojana, which are organized by Fitness & Yoga Ada Bojana - Association for an active and healthy life.