Montenegro is a perfect romantic destination for exploring as a couple. If you enjoy restaurants at unique locations or cozy cafe corners, love discovering historical and cultural landmarks, or perhaps exploring untouched wild nature - you will fall in love with these unique places during your visit to Montenegro as a couple.

For the more 'nerdy' type of fun, there are unbelievable galleries, museums, and historical landmarks, testaments of the turbulent ancient past of this small country.

Are you planning to spend your honeymoon in Montenegro? Whether your dream is to spend your honeymoon relaxing on the beach or you are in search of unique romantic location ideas for two, our guide covers all.

We guarantee that from any of the following spots we recommend, your Instagram-worthy photos will be incredible.


Our Lady Temple - Prcanj

Our Lady Temple sits above the little bay town of Prcanj. Upon entering the shore village from the ether side of the seaside promenade with a large selection of charming restaurants and small coffee shops, you will find this beautiful temple walking towards the center.

The grandiose stone stairs lead to the impressive Baroque-style structure. This temple is one of the largest Roman Catholic Churches on the Adriatic. This monument, known as Our Lady temple, dominates the Prcanj landscape. Noticeable from the sea, this magnificent building with Doric and Corinthian pillars, a richly distinctive entrance, and a valuable collection of icons, silver, textile, paintings, and sculptures by the most famous world artists, is a cultural landmark of tremendous artistic and esthetic importance, not only for Montenegro but for the entire region.

Our Lady Temple in Prcanj is the work of the Venetian architect Bernadin Macaruzzo. The construction of the temple took place from 1790 through 1908. and since the uprising of the church took a long time, the changes in the economy and politics during that period influenced the church's construction. The interior of this structure is equally impressive, so if you want to pay a visit, check out the working hours in advance because it changes depending on the season. The magnificent courtyard of this elegant church, with the beautiful busts and a large terrace with a view over the bay, is a well-known romantic spot for couples. We are sure that the romantic vibes of this picturesque place will leave unforgettable emotional impressions on you as well.


Old Mills - Ljuta

If you are looking for restaurants with a dreamy ambiance, Old Mills restaurant should be on your list of romantic places to visit during your stay in Montenegro.

The Old Mills date back to the XVI century, and this attractive restaurant is known for its seafood delicacies and impressive ambiance. The restaurant is a real gem because of its unique surroundings, hidden in the Adriatic shoreline trees and right on the clear water of the mountain river Ljuta, which is one of the shortest submerged rivers in Europe. The restaurant's garden with tables placed along the running river towards the sea is like some fairytale.

The view from the restaurant is equally impressive, so we are sure that this will be one of the most unforgettable gastro experiences you've ever had.

In the 1700s, the Old Mill was a family mill that operated and served the needs of the locals from the medieval town of Kotor. Almost 300 years later, in the 1970s, the Old Mill was renovated by the family that turned it into an exceptional restaurant. The ancient charm that characterizes this place, the exclusivity of fresh ingredients from the local gardens, freshly caught fish, and premium meat cuts from the local suppliers elevate the quality of the menu and contribute to this overall exceptional experience. One of the main restaurant's dedications is preserving culinary history. The house specialty is aged cheese in olive oil, kept in the 300 years old stone dishes called pills.

For an even more exclusive experience, the guests can approach the Old Mills from the sea since the restaurant has its own mini marina with a port for up to 15 yachts. And for special occasions, you may arrive in style by helicopter because the Old Mills' grounds allow for a heliport, which permits the landing of smaller helicopters.


The bell tower of the church of St. Nicholas - Perast

St. Nikola church with a bell tower dating from the Napoleon era sits in the main Perast square. Even though the church was officially built-in 1616. the records about the existence of this impressive building date back to 1564. Napoleon's wars stopped the church's construction, which lasted from 1740. to the 1800s.

Experiencing this corner of history is priceless, especially while you climb the narrow steps to the top of the 55m high tower reaching the big bell.
Be careful when you get to the top because the bell is quite low.

The bell, dating from the Baroque era with Romanesque and Renaissance elements, is positioned next to this tiny church. This is the largest bell in this part of the Adriatic. It cost 50000 ducats, which was the currency at the time, to make it.

A stunning view from the top of the tower is the real treasure of the city of Perast and one of the most romantic spots with a unique panoramic view over Boka bay. St. Nikola bell tower is the symbol of Perast.

The entrance fee is 1eur, and you can visit three rooms that house a real treasure. It is worth seeing the interior decor with old relics, precious textiles of church vestments from the XVI and the XVIII centuries, and an old organ instrument. A special feature is the collection of paintings by Trip Kokolj and other acclaimed works of art.


Ballerina statue - Budva

There is no greater romance than a tragic love story. Right on the coast of Budva, the narrow beach path that leads to the well-known Mogren beach may take you and your partner on a romantic walk where you will spot a beautiful ballerina bust dancing on top of the rocks splashed by the waves. The unique-looking bust of the girl in the movement is a sculpture made of bronze, named Ballerina of Budva, and is the symbol of this coastal town, and at the same time, the most known landmark favorite among the tourists.

The inspiration for the sculptor Gradimir Aleksic to build such a beautiful landmark was the old legend that roams through the town. Behind the creation of the sculpture is a tragic love story between a young lady and a sailor. The legend says that the young man sailed away, and while waiting for her fiance to return from the journey at sea, the young woman comes to the shore every day and sits on the rocks watching the horizon. Years go by, but the sailor never comes back home. The young lady loses hope and dies from sorrow. One sunny day, when the waves were calm, the local fishermen found her on the rock where the sculpture was placed years later. Among the other landmarks of Budva, this romantic statue won the sympathy and hearts of both tourists and the locals that became one of the most respected monuments on the Montenegrin coast.


The statue of the woman in bronze - Herceg Novi

The Lovcen beach got its name after the nearby mountain ridge of Lovcen since the big rock hovering over this pebble beach lagoon resembles the mountain's peak. The story behind the statue follows yet another legend of tragic love, and you can witness this creation in front of the old tunnel along the Pet Danica promenade in Herceg Novi.

The beach is very picturesque because the tunnel where the train used to pass a long time ago runs through the rocks that descend into the sea.

The bust figure of a young lady standing in the thinking position is placed on one of the highest reefs above this little pebble beach. This sculpture was made in memory of a young woman who threw herself into the sea because of unreturned love.

The vibe on this cozy little beach, known as "the beach next to the tunnel," as the locals call it, is idyllic. The spot is perfect for a romantic night swim during the hot summer months or lounging in the sun and a picnic for two while observing the open sea in the company of this graceful bronze statue.


Romantic sunsets on the Long Beach - Ulcinj

You probably heard of the saying: When in Rome? Well, watching the magnificent sunset on Long Beach in Ulcinj comes very close to this epic experience. And when in Long Beach, having a romantic picnic on a sandy beach or a relaxing walk with a partner while watching the sun setting on the horizon could be one of the most romantic experiences of a lifetime. The very moment you witness this incredible site, it will be apparent to you why it's so special.

Situated in the very south of Montenegro, Long Beach used to be the best-kept secret on the Adriatic. Today is one of the most popular destinations, famous for the breathtaking sunsets.

Long Beach is an exciting place for a visit no matter the time of year, but in the summer months, the experience of sunset watching and celebrating it with cocktails and good music on the beach lasts until late at night.

There are many charming spots on Long Beach perfect for watching the sunset while enjoying great food, drinks, and music, and Playa Maria is one of the 'sunset-beach-bars' where you can have that kind of unforgettable experience.

Waterfall Niagara - Podgorica

A large waterfall in Podgorica, named after the impressive Niagara Falls of Canada and the US, is situated 9km from the capital of Montenegro. This waterfall is much smaller but very dramatic nonetheless. On the way to Podgorica, drive past the vineyards, and you will notice a sign for the Niagara restaurant and park.

At first sight, the waterfall looks artificially made because of its sedimentary rocks that look like layers of cement, but the waterfall is all-natural. The view of the falls flowing over these massive rocks is spectacular, and you may observe it from up close.

The most incredible experience of the falls is when the water level is high.
It is calming to listen to the water stream or watch ducks splash around while taking photos in these idyllic surroundings. The best time to visit is in April, while the waterfall is in its full might.

During summertime, the pool of water forms between the rocks, and the most courageous adventurers can take a refreshing dip followed by the feast at Niagara restaurant with a view over the river and the waterfalls. If you catch a glimpse of an angle where the sun rays and frosty water mist touch, you will notice a beautiful rainbow, and for this reason and more, you should not miss this romantic place during your visit to Montenegro as a couple.


The Imperial Bridge - Niksic

The Imperial Bridge is one of the oldest and most beautiful bridges still in use in southeastern Europe. It got its name after the Russian emperor Alexander the III, the financier of the bridge. The bridge stretches on the old road from Podgorica to Niksic and rises above the Zeta river. Standing close to this imposing figure made of 18 arches, 269m long, and 13m high is an exciting experience. The Imperial Bridge was built with hewn stone, which gives a special romantic note to this dramatic structure and makes an exceptional place for photography.

In 1894., Bozo Petrovic, the Montenegrian duke and the president of the State Council of the Principality of Montenegro, laid the stone foundation of the bridge.

The grandiosity of the Imperial bridge is fascinating and as fascinating is the story behind the bridge's past. It took many men several years to complete the construction of this massive structure. In the spring of 1910., a famous photographer, Rudolf Mosinger, visited Montenegro at the invitation of Prince Nicholas. The prince asked the photographer to make an album of the town of Niksic.

The album consisted of 32 photos. In addition to the photographs of the castle and city panorama, the famous photographer included the images of the Imperial bridge because he was so fascinated by its beauty. During that time, Niksic town flourished due to improved trade connection with southern Montenegro, and the first official vehicle that crossed the bridge were mail carriages. And an ultimate question remains - how many romantic letters have been carried across the bridge over the passage of time?