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Your intrepid reporters left their favorite town at the crack of dawn and set off on a veritable pilgrimage! First of all we made a circle around “our beloved Bay”, passing through Risan, Perast,... Image ...Kotor and then climbing up via Troica heading for lovely Njegusi. Image On the way we gazed in wonder at the beauty of our native land from a bird’s eye view,... Image ...the flora... Image ...and fauna,... Image ...keeping an eye on the sudden changes in the weather, and the alternating sunshine and rain over Herceg Novi. Arriving in Njegusi we visited the birthplace of Bishop Rade,... Image
...King Nikola’s Palace... Image
...and of course several producers of smoked ham... Exhilarated by the beauty of the Lovcen scenery... Image ...we headed towards the capital. Image We wandered around for a bit and visited the most important places... Image ...and then set off for our planned destination - the Monastery of OSTROG! After leaving Podgorica,... Image ...then Spuz and Danilovgrad we arrived in Bogetic where the signpost says “Ostrog Monastery 8 km”. We decided to rest our weary bones for a while and so we retired to the nearest bar. Like everyone from Herceg Novi we ordered espresso of course, but the waitress told us they don’t have an espresso machine. We couldn’t make up our minds what to have. But eventually we plumped for Turkish coffee, somehow surviving the obligatory visit to the bar’s toilet and set off on our great pilgrimage! And so your reporters finally visited Ostrog Monastery... Image ...and fulfilled the requirements of the regulations and ecclesiastical rules, as we enjoyed the scenery! Image
Finally happy and content we headed home via Budva...
Image Herceg Novi. To be greeted in Herceg Novi that evening by mist and rain... Image

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