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Since 2005, the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, under the auspices of the President of Montenegro, has organized the annual award presentation ceremony of the “Wild Beauty Award” for contribution to the quality, recognition, and

Investment Climate - Real Estate and Construction

According to the Frether Institute, Montenegro ties with Mexico at number 58 in its global level of economic freedoms. At the same time. Montenegro is considered by Transparence International as 84th among 180 countries in the world for the country’s

Montenegro - Coast

 If we had to describe the European country of Montenegro with only two words, those words are undoubtedly: "mountain” and “sea”.

Budva - Little tourist guide - The Old Town - Budva

Budva Tourist Guide, Budva is the reigning "tourist capital of Montenegro" for all the right reasons.  As one of the Adriatic Sea's oldest cities, Budva's 2500 year history reaches back from the past
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Sailing and tourism

Sailing and tourism, which have long been recognized in the world as a winning combination by linking enjoyment and profit, have recently begun to enjoy the place they deserve in Montenegro as well. One of the regattas with the longest tradition not only
207_01 u_krmu207_02 uigrana_posada_male_ponte207_03 tromb_ii_spinaker207_04 puna_jedra_maestrala

By boat to Miriste, Blue Grotto

Although it was late in the afternoon we wanted to make the most of this day during the May-day holidays, and so we set off for Miriste in a lovely wooden boat from the jetty in front of the Hotel "Plaza" in Herceg Novi, to visit the island
188_01 picture_585188_02 picture_488188_03 picture_493188_04 picture_495

Fascinada, Our Lady of Skrpjel, Perast Islands

Fascinada - The Bay of Kotor is an inexhaustible treasure house of delightful traditional celebrations and national customs. Without doubt one of the most attractive is the Fascinada, an ancient custom from the Bay in honor of Our Lady of Skrpelj and
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Dobrec, Lustica peninsular

Tourism - The greatest recognition of the quality of a beach is the environmental award the Blue Pennant. It is awarded by an international jury made up of representatives of the European Union and the World Tourist Organization. It is a sign of strictly
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Montenegro is one of the few places in the world where you can swim in the warm Adriatic sea and in just over an hour's walk can be skiing on the slopes of Mount Orjen, enjoying its attractions. On this jewel of the hinterland of the Bay of Kotor the
146_01 munika_i_subra146_02 pogled_sa_orjenskog_sedla_prema_moru146_03 odijevo_1146_04 odijevo,_pogled_ka_lovcenu

The Conquest of Ilinica

Although I have spent the greater part of my life in Herceg Novi and I reckon myself to be one of those people who make an effort to be as well informed as possible about the history and events of everything around us in this beautiful town and the neighborhood
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Welcome to Montenegro

Until recently being recognized as an independent Mediterranean country in it’s own right, Montenegro has slept for decades in the minds of many knowledgeable travelers who ultimately, didn’t want to see this rich and beautiful country on
147_01 novsko_mulo_je_bilo_premalo_da_primi_sve_italijane

Bar, Old Town

Text and photographs: Djordjije Kalezic, In Bar, cultures meet and seem to mix in breathtaking ways.  In the intervening thousands of years since being settled during Neolithic times, Bar has continued to grow while maintaining ancient
stari bar 01 tvrdjavastari bar 02 cempresstari bar 03 zidine lukstari bar 04 ulaz


Panorama of Tivat Tivat is the newest and smallest municipality in the Bay of Kotor. It did not begin to grow and develop as an urban centre until the end of the nineteenth century. Altogether it covers about 46 km2 and has a population of about 13.000
01 tivat panorama02 tivat aerodrom03 tivat riva04 tivat rivva


Just a little more than ten kilometers from Tivat airport, on the road to Budva, turn right at the crossroads that lead to Kotor, and you will be heading for Lustica, that is Rose, Montenegro.
01 rose hnovi02 rose tivat03 rose kumbor04 rose krivina


Dobrota is one of those places on the coast where you can still see the former splendour of the bay and the noble town of Kotor, from the time sailing ships like the one from the story about famous Captain Ivo Vizin sailed the seven seas, spreading the
01 dobrota dobrota04 dobrota ponta05 dobrota daljeko

The beginning of the season in Ulcinj - The Little Town Beach

At the end of June we visited Ulcinj, the town with the longest beach on the Montenegrin coast. On this occasion we want to show the what is going on on the "Little Town Beach" which is 376 meters long, located in a bay between the Old Town Fortress and
01 ulcinj pogled02 ulcinj pogled03 ulcinj pogled04 ulcinj pogled

Culture in the Tourist Capital

The Town of Budva is two and a half thousand years old. Its main claim to fame is the rich wealth of cultural events.
01 bdkultura maskembal102 bdkultura kolo03 bdkultura pirati04 bdkultura festadjuni


Untouched gemIf you head south towards Bar, you will find Buljarica, just about one kilometer from Petrovac, one of the most beautiful seaside towns on the Montenegrin coast., Buljarica is still an untouched gem of the Adriatic coast with its unique sandy
01 buljarica pogled02 buljarica talas03 buljarica pucina

Budva Night Life

As well as having many cultural and historic attractions, Budva is well known for its vibrant night life.
01 budnight fest02 budnight greco03 budnight street04 budnight casper

Kotor city walls

Not many towns around the globe have had the honour to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  In the ancient Montenegrin city of Kotor, which lies on the shores of the Bay  of Kotor, you would never imagine a more beautiful city, and Kotor
01 kotor pogled02 kotor zidine03 kotor put04 kotor starigrad

Perast, a walk through eternity

We are often told that to understand the allure of Montenegro, we must approach its shores via the ancient Bay of Kotor.  Kotor Bay, also known locally as ‘Boka Kotorska’, enjoys more than 240 sunny days a year and is marked by a number
01 perast skrpjele02 perast otok03 perast grb04 perast oruzje

Plava Spilja (Blue Grotto)

Imagine if you found a small boat on the side of a tranquil bay and the captain, after helping you on board, set sail up the coast for what only seemed like a 10 minute trip.  You’re headed towards Plava Spilja, and the excitement takes hold
01 spilja zanjic02 spilja masljinaci03 spilja crkvica04 spilja ulaz

Ulcinj - history of the town

We publish a text written exclusively for by Marijana Vukcevic on the history and sights of Ulcinj accompanied by superb photos taken by Mirko Kosic
01 ulcinj mirko02 ulcinj riva03 ulcinj balsici04 ulcinj crkva

Real Estate Montenegro - The Real Estate property market in Montenegro

Real Estate Montenegro - Find out more about Real Estate property market in Montenegro, In the past several years Montenegro has transformed itself from a must-see destination for estate insiders who knew
01 kotor pogled

Holiday in Kumbor

Text: Anita Brajević, Photos: Ivan Stojanović and, When we first ventured to Kumbor, we had heard about the place but never had a chance to go.  When a friend offered that we stay in her home near
12 kumbor zalazak sunca03 kumbor balkon cvijet05 kumbor zaliv jedrenjak07 jedrenjak kumbor

Igalo-Bar - Circular trip, Part one

After a long while your reporters have managed to get together again. We have come from different parts of the world to the same place, in order to attempt once again to bring Montenegro closer to you in the most beautiful way we can. And so, cheerful
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Petrovac, Bar

Petrovac (Montenegro) ,
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Throughout the ages, the areas we often talk about along Montenegro’s “Riviera” coast have been frequented by travelers of all types, in particular European royalty that found in Montenegro some of Europe’s most luxurious
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Kamenari, Morinj, Bay of Kotor

Keen to show you as much as possible of the atmosphere of their native country, your devoted reporters have set off on another unforgettable journey., This time their subject is the beauty and sights of the Bay of Kotor.
109_01 dscn3826109_02 dscn5124109_03 dscn0435109_04 dscn4849

Holiday in Budva

Holiday in Budva, Until recently being recognized as an independent Mediterranean country in it’s own right, Montenegro has slept for decades in the minds of many knowledgeable travelers who ultimately, didn’t
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Have you heard of the Don Quixote of Montenegro?  History tells us that the famous Spanish author, the same Miguel Cervantes who penned the famous book Don Quixote, was held captive in Ulcinj for several
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Risan, Perast, Kotor

Traveling along the idyllic shore of the Bay of Kotor, we made our way towards a village perched on the water’s edge and the town’s church steeples marked our way. Risan, perhaps the oldest of the famous Montenegrin settlements on the greater
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At the crack of dawn in the bay, while even the hard working seagulls were still sleeping peacefully, your intrepid reporters set out on new exploits! Today's target was the legendary Lustica,
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St Stefan (Sveti Stefan)

And then, before our eyes Sveti Stefan appeared,
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Muo, Prcanj, Stoliv, Lepetane

After Kotor come Muo, Prcanj and Stoliv. These are wonderful places opposite Kotor with hundreds of jetties and boats,
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