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Muo, Prcanj, Stoliv, Lepetane

After Kotor come Muo, Prcanj and Stoliv. These are wonderful places opposite Kotor with hundreds of jetties and boats, Image
wonderful old palaces, Image churches, Imagelegends. Surely the most well-known of these legends is the story about three sisters "Tre Sorelle" who waited for their future husbands who sailed the seas and oceans of the world, but never came back. Today you can still see the house by the sea Image made of three sections with three identical windows from which the three sisters looked out to sea as they waited till the end of their days. As each sister died her window was bricked up. Recently the two windows at each end have been changed but the one in the middle is still authentic. Although nothing remains but the cold walls, for a moment you feel as though one of the windows will open and the tragic story will continue like a dream or film or something undefined which no one else has experienced or felt.

We met a fisherman who still fishes from the same wooden boat (on the right of the picture) Image which his father, grandfather and great-grandfather used. It was made as long ago as 1863, and he still sails in it almost every evening in the same way as has been done for many years.

We drove slowly through Prcanj and Stoliv enjoying the picturesque sightsImageImage recalling the story of captain Ivo Vizin, the first Slav to sail round the world, and of other well-known and unknown sailors from Prcanj who have over the centuries built this unique place of beauty which we were slowly leaving behind us.

Around the next corner Perast appeared againImage with its "two beautiful islands".Image And then we came to Lepetane Image and our "dear" ferry, so the dream stopped there...

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