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Sailing and tourism

Sailing and tourism, which have long been recognized in the world as a winning combination by linking enjoyment and profit, have recently begun to enjoy the place they deserve in Montenegro as well. One of the regattas with the longest tradition not only in Montenegro but over a much wider area is the regatta “In Memory of Jugole Grakalic”, which dates as far back as the founding of the “Jugole Grakalic” sailing club in 1949. Image So in July this years visitors to Herceg Novi were able to enjoy seven races one in each of the seven classes. The most successful team in the Olympic” Laser standard” class was the Dolphin sailing club from Tivat, while in the “Optimist” class the best competitors where the local yachtsmen from the Jugole Grakalic club. ImageAt the same time a regatta was held for Crusader class yachts, “Montenegro Skippers Cup – Rafaelo 04” in which 18 boats from Serbia and Montenegro competed. ImageThe fastest boat was 'Mala Ponta' from the “Lahor” Sailing Club of Kotor sailed by Nenad Franovic. ImageApart from the excellent organization competitors in this year’s “Montenegro Skippers Cup” had excellent wind on both days of sailing so that the whole event more than fulfilled the organizers’ expectations. ImageThanks to the excellent wind the start of the regatta was a special event in itself. ImageThe prize winner's awards ceremonies were held on the quay of the Rafaelo beach, where the visitors to the beach were able to enjoy two days beautiful views of sails on the blue water of the Bay of Kotor and to see the skill of the yachtsmen during the racing in the stretch of sea off Herceg Novi. Image The Bay of Kotor is an ideal location for the development of top-level sea tourism, thanks to the winds which are ideal for sailing and the very advantageous natural characteristics of the bay. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage
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