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North in Bijelo Polje

On the new Bar-Belgrade motorway and near the border of Serbia and Montenegro lies the ubiquitous city of Bijelo Polje.  Considered by many as the northern gateway to Montenegro, Bijelo Polje is known as much for it’s picturesque winters as
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Photos by Darko Labudović, The largest canyon in Europe, the river Tara - With a length of 150 kilometers, the Tara is the longest river flowing through Montenegro. The canyon is 1000 meters in depth, in
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Mt Biograd National Park

The Mt. Biograd National Park is located in between the rivers Lim and Tara, in the central section of Mt. Bjelasica, and within the park is one of the three last ancient forests of Europe.This basin has been a protected area since 1878 when
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We have just received a large number of exceptionally interesting pictures of the whole of Montenegro from our friend Djordje Kalezic of Podgorica, and also a considerable number of very old photos which record bygone days. These pictures have inspired
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Durimitor, Bjelasica

Text by: Nebojsa MandicPhotos: Mirko Kosic, Igor Samac Durmitor - ''To our east stretched a deserted valley in the karst, full of rocky debris and snow drifts, while on the other side we were greeted by the green landscape of the Lake
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Mountaineering and tourism

"Activity holidays" have for some time been a very popular part of the tourist industry in Montenegro. Mountaineering and everything that goes with this sport seems to be sparking a lot of interest lately.
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For many years, that is ever since we started to present travelogues and digital photos of cities and regions of Montenegro on we have had the intention of showing visitors to our site and the whole world the beauty of Plav and the
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Rozaje continues its series of photo reports from towns in the north of Montenegro. We owe special thanks to Mr. Sead Jasavic, who has taken the time and trouble to send us some unique photos from Plav, Rozaje, Berane, Andrijevica and the surrounding
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Piva lies to the southwest of Montenegro near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Like several other areas in Montenegro, including the Durmitor National Park, Piva is characterized by it’s extreme, untouched natural beauty.  The
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Plav Lake and Ali-Pashas Springs

Durmitor  National Park has many natural wonders that amazing tens of thousands of visitors every year. However, one of the less-traveled locations seems to offer relaxing opportunities for modern travelers – Lake  Plav!,
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Lake Hrid

Did you ever consider driving on the day before your wedding to a remote mountain lake, beautifully framed by rock-hewn mountains and stands of spruce trees, and once there throw a coin into the clear blue waters for nothing more than luck?  Lake
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Durmitor and the Black Lake

Photographs: Mirko Kosic, At we cover Montengro’s soaring mountains with the same gusto reserved for our famous beaches and seaside resorts.  Therefore, we would be fraudulent in our duties to travellers to this
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Summer comes slowly to Mt. Durmitor

Photos: Mirko Kosic Right until late spring there is still a considerable amount of snow on Mt. Durmitor the hi!, ghest mountain in Montenegro.
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Hidden Beauties of Montenegro - Top 20 Reasons to Visit Montenegro

Montenegro is an ancient land, re-envisioned in the guise of a newly-formed European country that is helping to mold thousands of years of cultural, architectural and culinary traditions into a geographical space of unprecedented natural beauty.,
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