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We have just received a large number of exceptionally interesting pictures of the whole of Montenegro from our friend Djordje Kalezic of Podgorica, and also a considerable number of very old photos which record bygone days. These pictures have inspired us to start again showing old pictures of people, cities and events in Montenegro as it used to be.  

For today we have selected this truly unique series of pictures taken while mountaineering in the Komovi Mountains. We take this opportunity to thank Djordje and invite anybody else to share their photos with us.Image Walking in the Komovi mountainsImageImageThe amazing views of the mountain massif on the slopes of the Kucki and Vasojevic Kom mountains continually encouraged us to press on further and further.ImageImageA view of the endless mountain ranges,ImageImagethe forestsImagesummer pastures.ImageImageAnd we descended towards them, Imageand found some people happily celebrating, in the typical houses of the areaImageA mountain tavern, the evening before a national holidayImageImageAnd then darkness began slowly to fall.ImageWe are coming back, Komovi Mountains, as soon as we can.

Gordan Stojović
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