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Why advertise on, is one of the most visited web sites about Montenegro, and one of the first too, having been online since 1996. Our team works with the largest hotels, tourist centres

BECOM DOO - Accountancy, Auditing and Business Services Company

About us, Bencom Herceg Novi , Accountancy, Auditing and Business Services Company was incorporated in 1994 as a limited company in the field of accountancy, bookkeeping,

Apartments Nikic

"Apartments Nikic" are located at the prettiest part of Herceg-Novi, Savina. Located only 15 meters from the "Corovic beach", this is a perfect vacation spot for your next visit to Montenegro. Apartments and rooms are equipped with
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Catovic Mills

Morinj - Donji Morinj (Lower Morinj), a small place in the Bay of Kotor, is also known as the Venice of the Bay of Kotor, because of the numerous springs and streams which flow into the sea. The almost marshy nature of the terrain in
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Apartments - Villa Laban Herceg Novi

The Villa Laban is located in one of the quietest parts of the seven kilometer long Herceg Novi promenade, which stretches along the sea front from Meljine to Igalo.
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Villa Superior The Villa "Superior" will be in a position with a perfect view, about 9 minutes walk from the beach and very near to the "Dr.Simo Milosevic" Mediterranean health center. Access by car is very easy and there is ample
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