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BECOM DOO - Accountancy, Auditing and Business Services Company

About us

Bencom Herceg Novi , Accountancy, Auditing and Business Services Company was incorporated in 1994 as a limited company in the field of accountancy, bookkeeping, finance, auditing, consulting and commercial law services. Image

We base our work on International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards and International Auditing Standards, as issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), as well as the Accounting and Auditing Law and the Accounting and Auditing Ethics Code and other current legal requirements, as well as a commitment to high business standards.

Bencom d.o.o. is involved in accountancy and finance services, more specifically, the provision of financial accounting services, bookkeeping, completion of financial reports, treasury business, accounting for tax and contributions, salaries and other employees’ earnings, as well as advisory services.

Bencom d.o.o. Herceg Novi

Legal services cover preparation of company incorporation documentation and completion of complete registration of business enterprises with the appropriate state bodies, services in the field of employee relations as well as the compilation of general legal documents and internal procedure manuals for business enterprises and private businesses.

Beside consultancy services in questions of everyday business in the field of law, Bencom offers its clients consultancy services over a longer timescale in the field of accountancy and tax, and interpretation of legal and fiscal requirements.Image


To remain as the leading domestic auditing and accountancy agency in the whole of Montenegro which will through its work contribute to the development of the audit function both in Montenegro and the region.
The forecasting of corporate growth and diversification, as the means of improving existing business activity and actively expanding into new areas of activity, as well as the creation of new possibilities and challenges, both for individual professional development and for the advancement of society as a whole.


To build long-term relationships with clients to our mutual satisfaction, with the support of human resources and professional working methods and a wide range of services.


To provide the best possible services in the field of accountancy, bookkeeping and auditing, and thereby to gain the confidence and respect of clients and business partners, with the support of a working environment in which respect is universal, team work the norm, conscientiousness encouraged, professional development continuous and ethics beyond question.


Bencom d.o.o. Herceg Novi , Accountancy, Auditing and Business Services Company was founded on 18th April 1994 in Herceg Novi.
Initially the business was conducted from residential premises with one room furnished as an office. Business was carried out with the help of one personal computer. At the end of the second year when the workload and number of clients had grown, the office moved to larger premises, an office was leased and extra equipment acquired to deal with the increased workload. Four additional permanent employees were taken on.
Over the intervening period the Company has used all its available resources to fully meet the exceptional demands of hyper inflation and the challenges of the ongoing process of transition which has been accompanied by numerous changes to legislation, compliance with the 1996 Companies Act, and the 2002 Companies Act as well as the introduction of VAT. In 1996 the number of employees was increased by a further three qualified staff, two to work on our bookkeeping computers and one to perform administrative tasks relating to company payments clearance. At the same time our equipment has been progressively upgraded.

During 1997, a new office was opened in Igalo in order to meet the needs of our clients in that area.

Over the next ten years the number of clients steadily increased until today they number three hundred and fourteen. As the number of clients has grown so has the number of employees, as well as their level of qualifications, along with complete updating of all our technical resources.

Eventually in 2008 the company moved into its own premises in Igalo in Prizrenska 19. Today the Business Centre in Igalo is spread over 650m2 and complies with the latest standards, including optical links, digital telephone switchboard, diesel powered generator, automatic heating and cooling system, security and video-surveillance, conference and meeting room and parking spaces.

It is equipped with the latest computer network and in order to provide electronic communications is in direct contact with its customers, government institutions and business banks via the internet.

Mode of operation

Bencom d.o.o. Herceg Novi , Accountancy, Auditing and Business Service Company has through its long experience of working with its clients developed a unique mode of operation providing a high level of service.

In view of the specific business needs of our clients, this method is based on a speedy response by the agency to clients’ needs, with a continual exchange of essential information between government institutions, business banks and business partners.

The goal of the agency is to take on responsibility for clients’ financial business and to provide clients with complete security in terms of meeting legal business requirements. Besides offering guaranteed services in compliance with legal requirements, we monitor the latest publications and regulations of relevance to our clients, and provide them with up-to-date information on changes affecting their businesses.

We establish personal communications with each client and fully identify with the problems and needs of the firm. This approach enables us to provide clear and focussed support and to meet their requirements in the most effective manner.

Documents are processed using 35 computers, with software certified and licensed by Microsoft Corp. As a result of fifteen years business experience and the many advances we have made, we have, together with our clients, developed exceptionally high quality software and a reliable accounting and data processing package.

Human resources

Bencom d.o.o. has thirty eight permanent employees, the majority of whom have university and college qualifications in Economics. The members of our team have many years experience in accountancy and auditing.

The whole team provide a professional approach and support to clients with the emphasis on expertise and accuracy.
A high level of specialisation is upheld by the organisation of various forms of professional training, through which we can meet the exacting demands of business and develop our work to a satisfactorily high level.

We have five MA students working at Bencom who guarantee the long term stability of the company and its sound future development. Contact