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Villa Superior

Image The Villa "Superior" will be in a position with a perfect view, about 9 minutes walk from the beach and very near to the "Dr.Simo Milosevic" Mediterranean health center. Access by car is very easy and there is ample parking space. The building will have 4 storeys, and all the flats will have an excellent view of the Igalo old town as well as the entrance to the Bay of Kotor and a wonderful view exclusive to Igalo of the island fortress of Mamula. ImageImageImageImageImageImageThe Villa "Superior" will be the last word in luxury buildings in the town. It will be modern and extremely beautiful and at the same time dominating in the harsh style of medieval buildings. We want it to be the symbol of our agency - elegance, reliability and tradition. A large part of the facade will be in deep red "djuricki" stone which will give the impression of a castle and will be authentically Montenegrin. On the roof there will be a paradise to enjoy - a swimming pool 7m x 3,5 m in size with a wonderful view. It will have a water-purifying plant and a heater for the cooler days, and a cover to keep the water clean when not in use. Before relaxing in the pool residents of the Villa "Superior" will be able to sunbathe and work on their fitness on the stepper, treadmill or cycle which will be on the 30 m2 terrace beside the pool. This paradise will be complete with palm trees and banana plants which will provide shade during the hot summer days. Just - perfect! Image Image Image Visit