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Montenegro is Mediterranean travel destination, with 6 months beautiful weather, from May till November. Montenegro’s high summer season starts in June, and finishes in September. Montenegro


Montenegro is a Mediterranean country in Southeastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the southwest., If we had to describe the European country of Montenegro with only two words, those words are undoubtedly: "mountain”
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July in Porto Montenegro

 , The exhibition explores the role of Futurism in the development of 20th century art as a whole, not just in Italy but also around Europe and even America in the 1960’s. Its narrative touches on Pop Art, NAJS
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Pierce Brosnan in Montenegro

Pierce Brosnan filmed scenes for the new action thriller, directed by Roger Donaldson "January Man," in Montenegro. He visited a number of locations: Kotor, Budva, Perast and Cetinje. Photos from the set in Herceg Novi, from the Nikola Đurković

Tastes of Japan in Montenegro

When considering the fact that Budva is aspiring to, become one of the most prestigious tourism centres in the world, one of the, most important aspect of that image are the most modern, and the

Romantic Weekend in Montenegro Stars Hotel Splendid Conference & Spa Resort

Spend a Romantic Weekend in Montenegro Stars Hotel Splendid Conference & Spa Resort in Becici., Double room with sea view  and breakfast for 2., Late check out  4 pm., Dinner for two at Promenada

Winter in Montenegro

Winter in Montenegro almost seems like a passing joke because many of our towns enjoy the greatest number of sunny days in Europe!  However, we would like to share one of the rare, if beautiful, occurrences that make Winter in Montenegro so very
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Dear visitors, in order to create a higher profile of the tourist potential of Montenegro in the Slovakian market, a version of verzija, has been available in Slovak since December 2004. This has been made possible by very successful cooperation with
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Regatta: The Old Nail

Herceg Novi –, Although it is already October the tourist season in the Bay of Kotor is showing no sign of ending., Because of the superb natural conditions, mild weather with an air temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius together with
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Film festival

Herceg Novi – The eighteenth Herceg Novi Film Festival, one of the most important in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, has finished. The Festival which began life as the Yugoslav festival of film production, went through
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International Book Fair

In the scorching hot days of July one more attractive event for visitors to Herceg Novi took place, an international book exhibition, known as "Book Square" in the wonderful Belavista Square. "The Book Square" was conceived not as
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Music Days

Herceg Novi –, After a break of thirteen years one of the more important cultural events in this part of the world is returning to Herceg Novi - the Festival of Classical Music "Music Days". This event was held in this town of
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The Sunny Steps

Festival 'The Sunny Steps' has been traditionally held in the beautiful Herceg Novi, fortress of Kanli Kula ever since 1994. Across the impressively designed stage of this year's Sunny Steps Festival paraded, among others, Kemal Monteno, Goran Karan
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Discussions between the representative of Mr. Gordan Stojovic and the owner of the Slovak domain Mr. Ljubos Hajek have been completed with an agreement concerning mutual cooperation and the formation of a section of montenegro
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Orjen Marathon, The Youth regatta

Although weather conditions in the whole of Europe are not what we havecome to expect at this time of year, the tourist preseason is in full swing. At this moment 2771 guests are holidaying on the Herceg Novi Riviera, which is twenty five per cent more
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Montenegrin painters

Even before the 20th century -especially along the coast - painting had its place in Montenegrin society, although it wasn't until the period between the two world wars that Montenegrin painting became a fully developed, but never an autarchic field of
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Artistic center

Herceg Novi – Cultural centre "AS" has been in existence for twelve years in the Bay of Kotor, as a veritable "Don Quixote".
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The METUBES Budva Fare

On the 26th April the traditional tourism fair (METUBES) opened in Budva, the thirteenth time it has been held. At the fair the tourist attractions of the Montenegro coast for the impending season were represented., The hunting, fishing, sport, camping
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Herceg Novi April Theatre Festival - HAPS

Herceg Novi - For ten years in succession the April Theater Festival (HAPS) has been held in the "town of Mimosa" organized by the Herceg Novi Theater. Once again the organizers made every effort to contribute to the cultural scene of Herceg
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Lustica, birthplace of the famous Chilean captain Petar Zambelic

Straight up from Zanjic, the location of one of the most beautiful beaches on the whole coast, is the village of Zambelici. The village contains the house where Petar Zambelic the famous Chilean sea captain was born.
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Antiques in Montenegro visited Mr Marko Markovic, considered to be one of the most well-known and most experienced collectors of antiques in Montenegro.
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As you stroll around the narrows streets of the towns and villages of the Bay and the surrounding area, the many old gateways or "portuni" as we call them catch your eye.Have a look at what we recorded walking through Kotor, or waiting for Budva
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Montenegrin emigrants meetings, Bar 20-22 May 2005

MONTENEGRIN EMIGRANTS MEETINGS, Bar 20-22 May 2005, SCAE UNION OF EUROPEAN, MONTENGRIN ASSOCIATIONS, Meetings of Montenegrin emigrants from European countries and the electoral assembly of the Union of European Montenegrin Associations

Montenegro Boat Show

The Montenegro Boat Show took place in Kotor from 28th April to 2nd May 2005. The last few days there have been crowds of people on the Kotor waterfront, a pleasant sight to see.
01 sajam nautike02 sajam nautike03 sajam nautike04 sajam nautike meets representatives of the Union of European Montenegrin Associations

On 7th May 2005 in Budva representatives of met representatives of the Union of European Montenegrin Associations. was represented by Gordan Stojovic, and UEMA by the president Mr. Vojo Vuksanovic, the representative of the
01 montenegrocom scae at the 2nd Souvenir Fair

Saturday 7th May at the Hotel Mediteran in Becici, the 2nd Souvenir Fair
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Slavni kapetan Ivo Vizin

Citava Boka Kotorska je prepuna prica o slavnim pomorcima, kapetanima i velikim pomorskim poduhvatima. Svako mjesto u Boki, pa i ono najmanje, iza starih kamenih zidina primorskih kuca, cuva nevjerovatnu pomorsku tradiciju. Jedan od bokeljskih pomoraca
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Final phase of the construction of the Debeli Brijeg border crossing at Herceg Novi

The opening of the new Debeli Brijeg border crossing between Montenegro and Croatia is scheduled for 13 July 2005. This information is especially relevant for all you who visit Montenegro via neighboring Croatia for business or as a tourist. The old border
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Tullio Crali - Famous Italian painter born in Igalo

It's almost a totally unknown fact that the founder of Aeropittura, the celebrated Italian painter Tullio Crali, was born in Montenegro. Tullio Crali was born in 1910 in Igalo, municipality of Herceg Novi. Later, his family moved to Zadar and then to
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Bulgaraian singer at the Sunny Steps festival

Kanli Kula Fortress, For a number of years now,, apart from presenting Montenegro to the world through its reports, travelogues and other items, has also endeavored to cater for those visitors to the site who ask for help and advice relating
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Exclusive yachts in Budva

The Tourist season is in full swing, and Budva is at its sparkling best., The thing which has caught the eye of the crowds of tourists this summer is the breathtaking sight of the large number of, luxury yachts moored in the marina in front of Budva Old
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October in Budva

Although the summer season is now over, Budva is still the epicenter of various cultural and entertainment events. The, capital of Montenegrin tourism still has a large number of foreign and domestic tourists who favor September and October as the best
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The Third Souvenir Fair

On Saturday 6th May the Tivat NGO "Civilni centar" is bringing together for the third time exhibitors of hand-made souvenirs from all over Montenegro., The Fair is gradually developing into a regular and important event, as for the third year in
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In the footsteps of the old Montenegrins

Pictures and text: Djordjije Kalezic Descent from Ivanova Korita to the Old Town of Kotor - travel the route once used to go to market in Kotor, to trade, to find a bride, to set out to sea, or to some far off land ...How?
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Web Application Developer position now open

Seeking strong web application developers in Microsoft based technologies for a, 4 to 6 month project. We are looking for candidates that have demonstrable, experience with .NET and vintage ASP. Candidates should possess these skills:, 1

The Old Days brings you a new column entitled: Montenegro in the old days. This series will show Montenegro and its people through old photos, drawings, pictures and documents., A view of our beautiful Bay of Kotor. and its boats
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