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Antiques in Montenegro visited Mr Marko Markovic, considered to be one of the most well-known and most experienced collectors of antiques in Montenegro. Image A Perper from 1914 During our conversation with Mr. Markovic we discovered many interesting pieces of information. We had an opportunity to photograph some of the most interesting exhibits in his rich collection. Image Image Part of Marko Markovic’s collection In the course of our conversation we learnedthat there are a large number of antique-lovers in our country. Collectors regularly organise gatherings where they meet to exchange the latest information relevant to this noble hobby. Mr Markovic complained to us that unfortunately it still happens that rare old objects are taken out of Montenegro without permission. These are mainly amphorae, coins and postage stamps, pictures of Montenegrin authors and other valuable objects for which a buyer can easily be found in other countries. Fortunately such occurrences are becoming rarer year by year. As well as this, Marko commented, large quantities of valuable antiques were destroyed in the catastrophic earthquake of 1979. Some were destroyed by the earthquake itself but many items where left to rot in the ruins of old houses. Image Cetvorotoptih We must emphasise that Montenegro has a long tradition of numismatics and philately. The wealth of such objects to be found in our country is due to the introduction by Prince Nikola of his own currency – the Perper coin and note - at the beginning of the last century. Image Perpers of various denominations Up until that time Montenegro had only used the currencies of other countries. This type of monetary system has led to large numbers of foreign coins being found in Montenegro from many different parts of the world. However the currency most used at this time came from neighbouring countries, mainly the Austro-Hungarian empire. Significant amounts of Roman coins can be found in our country. Recently investigations were carried out in Risan where one of the largest finds of this type in the region is located. Image "Peasant girl" lamps The whole of Montenegro and particularly the Bay of Kotor and the coastal region were often the target of attacks from many world powers. Each one of them brought something with it which it left behind. For example, large numbers of seamen down the centuries have brought valuable objects from all points of the compass as they sailed the seas in the famous sailboats of the Bay of Kotor. All these circumstances mean that today in Montenegro you can find a wide range of objects, from furniture to military memorabilia, to dinner services, cutlery, mirrors, picture, books, photographs, postcards, and jewellery from almost all over the world. Image Image “Gorski Vijenac” by Savo Vujovic Talking to Marko Markovic and viewing his collection which he has lovingly gathered over the decades was an incredible experience for us, which we would heartily recommend to anyone.