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In the footsteps of the old Montenegrins

Pictures and text: Djordjije Kalezic Descent from Ivanova Korita to the Old Town of Kotor - travel the route once used to go to market in Kotor, to trade, to find a bride, to set out to sea, or to some far off land ...How? Image The April snows Image Shepherds house in the summer pasture - still in use... Image ...and the first signs of spring come yet again to these mountains... Image ...and then, all of a sudden, the sea. The moment when the f! irst view of the Bay of Kotor stops the traveler in his tracks. As you look down from this invisible window, you wish you could fly... Image ...if only on the wings of the storm that is blowing up from Mt Lovcen... Image the clouds gather over Stirovnik and Jezerski vrh. Image One more view of the Bay before we take off for Pestingrad. Image And one more ... Image Fortunately, we didn't jump. (We are descending through centuries-old forest of coastal pine trees) ... we are no longer up in the clouds and thunder, we are back among people and the footsteps echoing on the stone streets of the old town....KOTOR, Kotor Quay, and then to New York, Buenos Aires, San the footsteps of the old Montenegrins ...