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International Book Fair

ImageImageIn the scorching hot days of July one more attractive event for visitors to Herceg Novi took place, an international book exhibition, known as "Book Square" in the wonderful Belavista Square. "The Book Square" was conceived not as a classical sales fair, but as a book festival with all that such event entails. Image This year's theme was "The word", and we truly had a great deal of words: from poets, writers, historians, literary critics, the words of actors and of the public, the organizers, publishers, guests and hosts, along with music and song. "We spoke with different voices at times, we had different opinions, but we are all back together again under the sky of Herceg Novi, on this small but beautiful square, illuminated by the holiness of the Church of the Holy Archangel Michael, under the sound of the bells of Saint Jeremy's Church, washed by the summer rain and lit by the stars", said Dejan Mandic, mayor of Herceg Novi, at the closing evening of "Book Square". Image During the eight days that the fair lasted the following publishers presented their books and authors: Educational Centre, Unireks, Ars-Libri, Stubovi kulture, Svetigora, Besjeda, Sluzbeni List SCG, Zavod za udzbenike i nastavna sredstva, Hercegnovska knjizevna zajednica i Zavicajni muzej. Image Image The most sought after books during the eight days of the fair were: Classics in English, Oxford dictionaries, Chevalier's "Girl with the pearl earring"", Mythology and Religion of the Ancient Slavs, The Myths of the Ancient Greeks and Njegos's Luca Mikrokozma, in an edition in four languages, Serbian, English, French and German, which was presented for the first time at the "Book Square", organized by the Njegos Foundation from Belgrade and the Official Journal of Serbia and Montenegro. In order to improve the quality of the promotions and of the fair itself the organizers awarded prizes for the most attractive books and the best promotions, as well as the most frequent visitors to the "Book Square". Image And so the official jury awarded the medallion for the most attractive book to the "Jason" collection, to the Department for textbooks and teaching material from Belgrade for the classical design of a number of historical monographs; to the edition of Luca Mikrokozma in four languages; and to the philosophical library "Altera" for the modern design of a series of books on philosophical thought from the classics to contemporary philosophical developments. ImageImageImageImage