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Montenegro > Stories> Montenegrin emigrants meetings, Bar 20-22 May 2005

Montenegrin emigrants meetings, Bar 20-22 May 2005

MONTENEGRIN EMIGRANTS MEETINGS Bar 20-22 May 2005 SCAE UNION OF EUROPEAN MONTENGRIN ASSOCIATIONS Meetings of Montenegrin emigrants from European countries and the electoral assembly of the Union of European Montenegrin Associations (SCAE) will be held on 20,21 & 22. May in the Hotel Topolica in Bar. The Union of European Montenegrin Associations, The Center for emigres from Montenegro and invite all clubs of Montenegrin emigrants and citizens of Montenegro living abroad as well as individuals to join them and contribute by their presence to the success of these meetings. Let"s get to know each other, exchange experiences, build relationships and plan together!!! All details by E-mail from: