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Music Days

Image Herceg Novi – After a break of thirteen years one of the more important cultural events in this part of the world is returning to Herceg Novi - the Festival of Classical Music "Music Days". This event was held in this town of music from 1983 to 1991 and was called "Yugoslav Days of Music", and settled in Herceg Novi after eleven years of wandering around the other coastal towns. Unfortunately 1991 was the last "Music Days", because they didn't fit in with the social climate dominating in this part of the world in the nineties: "here we are again, after so many years at the "Music Days" in Herceg Novi. May these days of musical enjoyment, which have returned to our town, help us to forget for a moment the ugly past, when the muses fell silent or were sad", said Dejan Mandic, mayor of Herceg Novi, at the opening of the twenty first international festival "Music Days". The opening was marked by local people of Herceg Novi, Radovan Papovic who conducted the Symphony Orchestra of Montenegro, the pianist Boris Kraljevic, professor of the Cetinje Academy, and the guitarist Goran Krivokapic, winner of first prize at the famous international "Andres Segovia" competition in Spain. Image The Artistic Director of the festival, master of arts Boris Kraljevic (he obtained his MA at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow in the class of professor Lev Naumov) said: "When you are so bold as to call a festival 'Music Days', in a town where for decades music has been a part of everyday life, you must open up a whole range of challenges. This festival will offer the whole range of musical experiences, primarily by its choice of music by composers from the countries from which the performers come, and also by is stylistic variety. On top of this, through modern interpretations which we insisted on, during this occasion we will listen in to various epochs in their contemporary echoes. This year the audience will have the opportunity to hear the sound of artists from Montenegro as well as the Monetenegro Symphony Orchestra. I am grateful for the support which we have received from the Town Council of Herceg Novi, the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture, the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade and other patrons who have enabled us once again to bring to fruition such a wonderful project", Kraljevic concluded. Image In view of the names of the artists, such as Judy Kehler Siberet, Dino Mastroiannis, Claude and Odile Delange, Eugene Indic, George Staneti, the "Glinka" quarter, the people of Herceg Novi and their guests had an opportunity to really enjoy music of real quality. Herceg-Novi, "the town of artists" further confirmed that epithet and in the words of Milena Lucic,  chairperson of the Festival committee: "we hope that the 'Music Days' will never leave this place again, and that there will never be another reason for that to happen". Nebojsa Mandic