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The Third Souvenir Fair

On Saturday 6th May the Tivat NGO "Civilni centar" is bringing together for the third time exhibitors of hand-made souvenirs from all over Montenegro. Image The Fair is gradually developing into a regular and important event, as for the third year in succession it offers all interested creative people an opportunity to make their own special contribution to the development of tourism. Their work forms part of the picture that tourists take home with them. And so we are especially glad that in this small place we can show a wide range of beautiful things from Montenegro and bring together the cold North and the warm South of the country. On the 6th May in Hotel Tara, Becici, Montenegro will be displayed in all its splendor, beauty and variety, as expressed through these little works of art. Montenegro with its huge potential for tourism has not had traditional and easily! recognizable souvenirs or places to sell them. What did exist was mainly of poor quality and failed to show the beauty, traditions and history of Montenegro. Image Through this initiative the NGO "Civilni centar" has been instrumental in bringing about change in a number of areas, in order to bring this aspect of what is on offer to tourists up to an appropriate level. The previous two fairs have shown what a large number of people are involved in producing souvenirs. The Souvenir Fair will be an opportunity for producers to sign up contracts with retail outlets, who will organize the presentation and sale of genuine Montenegrin souvenirs. This year as before, all exhibitors will be included in the brochure to be published by the "Civilni Centar", and the whole layout of this year's Fair will be accessible to Internet users on the Fair's site at The main aims of the "Souvenir Fair" project are: * Creation and promotion of th! e image of Montenegro through easily recognizable products.* Increased involvement of the population in production. * Enriching the range of attractions available to visitors to Montenegro.* Promotion of souvenir producers.* The encouragement of creativity and design of new souvenirs.* Encouragement of enterprise. Souvenir producers who did not take part in the Fair last year and who wish to do so this year may apply by the 15th April by phone on 069 082 891or through our site See you on Saturday 6th May at the hotel "Tara" in Becici! Image

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