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PAU Modular building system

Herceg Novi
Introducing the PAU modular building system which has the potential to become the leading basic technique for the housing development of coastal areas in subtropical regions and in the Mediterranean.

Unbeatable prices, rapid assembly and an enormous range of designs bring economic advantages not only for the regional construction industry but also for the development of the tourist industry. The projected final manufactured price of a one room module (not including price of land) is 9000 euros. From this cellular rectangular module three basic types of buildings can be constructed.

1)     Radial system – the base can have up to 12 floors and its shape resembles a cob of maize.

2)     By alternating the segments a base in the shape of a caterpillar can be made.

3)     By combining the two previous systems we can produce the shape of a snake with shared accommodation for 20 people including two stairways and one lift.

These are the basic shapes. The appearance of the building lends itself to the addition of loggias, of which you can have as many as you like. It all depends on the creativity of the architect of each building. These loggias are made of teak lattice work with steel supporting details and panels of Sky-pan textile membrane.

As well as for hotels these modules can be used for student hostels or retirement homes.

The production price does not include the price of the footings and connection to the existing infrastructure.

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