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MONTE Real Estate

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Njegoseva 2381000 Podgorica


  • Professional property sales, purchase, letting and rental agency;
  • Authentication of title for all properties;
  • Drawing up of draft and final contract for submission to the Land Registry;
  • Preparation of documentation for registration.
  • Advice about property transactions;
  • Verification of legal status of property;
  • Property valuation;
  • Preparation of all types of contracts;
  • Intermediary services in contract negotiations;
  • Appraisal of court and legal costs;
  • Preparation for the submission of the contract to the tax authorities, and for court notarisation;
  • Advice in obtaining property finance;
  • Inspection of property in Montenegro – within our home territory;
  • Information by e-mail;
  • Advertising in all relevant journals as well as on our web-site;



About us

During 2006 the idea of opening an estate agency covering the whole of the North of Montenegro arose out of contacts we had with friends in Slovenia and Montenegro. The idea slowly matured, and came to fruition a year later, thanks to a great deal of hard work.

The result of this idea is Monte nekretnine D.O.O, a privately owned Slovenian and Montenegrin estate agency.

We bring together Slovenian experience and the beauties of Montenegro, paying special attention to the legality of our work. We verify the title of all our properties at the Land Registry, and we have a lawyer qualified in this area who will provide you with all the documents you need.


Dejan Nenadovic

Mobile: 0038269889991

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Monte nekretnine d.o.o.
Polimska 11
84300 Berane
t: +382 51 235 887
f: +382 51 230 515
s: montenekretnine (Skype)
Dejan Nenadović
m: +382 69 88 99 91

Filijala Podgorica

Monte nekretnine d.o.o.
Njegoševa 23
81000 Podgorica
t: +382 20 664 005
f: +382 20 664 005
m:+382 69 88 99 92
s: montenekretnine.podgorica (Skype)
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