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Risan-Stone Palace and Land for Sale €550,000

Price: EUR € 550,000
Nestling in 5205 m2 of its own grounds, this palace is one of the few remaining in Montenegro available for renovation. It has the potential to be reconstructed with over 500m2 of accommodation making it an ideal choice for development of a large private family home, a Boutique Hotel or Luxury Apartments.
The grounds gently slope towards the sea and are terraced with a wealth of trees. Within the grounds there is a stream which flows in the winter months and this is crossed by a quaint arched stone bridge.
Views from the Palace and the Plot are tremendous. It is stated on the Detailed Urban Plan that the land is designated as Low Density Building area. Therefore, the Palace can be enhanced with, for example, a number of smaller villas or chalets, increasing the overall value and usability of the site.
Palace Bjeladinovic also has an interesting history. It is told locally that the original builder of the Palace, as a young man, fell in love with the daughter of a wealthy merchant from Risan Village. When the father of the girl met the young man he asked "How many windows does your house have?". As he was at the time living in a humble house above the village, the answer displeased the merchant and the young couple were not allowed to marry. From this point the young man made it his life's mission to build a Palace bigger than the merchants house and when finished it had 2 more windows than the house of the merchant.
Sadly the young man didn't marry the merchant's daughter and he never lived in this impressive palace.
In addition there is  a plot of 7162m2, directly above the palace which can be purchase for 380000€.
Take a look at the video walkthrough of the palace.

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