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Untouched gemImageIf you head south towards Bar, you will find Buljarica, just about one kilometer from Petrovac, one of the most beautiful seaside towns on the Montenegrin coast. Buljarica is still an untouched gem of the Adriatic coast with its unique sandy beach stretching for more than 2,250m.Image The hinterland of Buljarica has largely retained its natural appearance and is very thinly populated. There are a few attractive buildings where you can find accommodation, a couple of interesting restaurants and some camp sites. Buljarica has enormous potential for the development of sailing, golf and other interesting activities. All are agreed on one thing, and that is that in the next few years Buljarica will change its present appearance and become a very attractive location, as a luxury tourist development.Image Until then we warmly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to call in at Buljarica and enjoy the beauties of this town. Photos: Djordje & Mila Gregovic

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