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Hotel Delfin

Bijela bb.85343 Bijela
• Today’s brand new Hotel Delfin, as the one of the most modern hotels (with the best equipment included) at the coast of Montenegro , is in competition for the important tourism trade-mark four stars.
• So, lets us know the hotel’s offer:
- reconstructed hotel complex includes 10.000 square metres.
- it possesses 112 modern adapted rooms (single bed, double bed, triple rooms with four beds) plus 8 apartments (entirely 420 beds). Specially designed furniture, modern bathroom, TV, air conditioners, provide additional dimension of offer to our rooms and apartments. Many of the rooms are with the view at seaside.
- wide and modern hotel’s restaurant consist of 400 chairs plus special hall with 80 chairs
- it has 3 balcones: restaurant balcony, aperitive bar bslcony with 400 chaits and the third balcony with 200 chairs. From the balnoniesyou can watch the seaside and the mountain tops of the region og T he Bay o f Boka Kotorska.
- aperitiv bar and souvenir shop are sitmated in the centre hall, nearby the reception.
- hotel possessesit’s own sandy beach. Bathing season endures from the May till October, thanks to the weater temperature ranging from 22 °C to 26 °C and its cleaness.
- hotel ownes a port (it is suitable for the nautical tourism).
- tours are organized for the hotel guests, so are the visits to culture historical monuments and cruising tours made by ships, trough the Bay of Boka Kotorska.
• At the end, we can add, that the hotel is completely air conditioned and supplied with water the whole year trough. Reservations

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