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Natali Apartments

Djenovici bb.85345 Djenovici

Villa Natali will make you feel welcome with its pleasant atmosphere and the comfort it emanates. Couple this with the peace and quiet it offers, and your holiday will be complete. Contact us and make your reservation while there is still room available.
At the foot of Mount Orjen, in the southwest of Montenegro, at the entrance to one of the most beautiful bays in the world – which since 1979 has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list – is the town of Herceg Novi. Because of its very favourable geographic location, the mild Mediterranean climate which prevails in this area and its exceptional horticultural and historical heritage, tourism was always destined to serve as the basis of Herceg Novi’s economy.
Villa Natali is located in Ðenovići, a small holiday village 7 km from the centre of Herceg Novi. The villa is just 160 m from the sea. Our facility is officially categorised as 4-star.
Prices are discounted at 20% up to 15th of June and from 15th September.

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Airport Tivat: 22 km

Airport Cilipi: 32 km

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