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Hotel Djuric

Brežine bb85300 Petrovac
Hotel Djuric is a facility which is situated in Petrovac by the sea, approximately 200m away from main city beach. Within the facility there are 20 luxuriously equipped apartments, reception and restaurant which provides meals for our guests. Apartments are differentiated by the number of beds. Therefore we are able to meet all kinds of demands made by our guests. All apartments are equipped with bathroom, air-conditioning system, cable TV, kitchenette with fridge, telephone and balcony.  Only four two-bedded rooms haven't been made of two separate rooms. Other apartments are bigger and are made of two totally separated rooms. Six three-bedded apartments and ten four-bedded apartments are at the same time the most comfortable accommodation in the facility.

Two-bedded studio

Rooms are located on the first floor (15,16) and two on the attic (25,26). They consist of bathroom with shower cabin. All the rooms have matrimonial bed (150*200), with bedside shelves, closet, kitchenette which has fridge and necessary dishes, air-conditioning, TV and telephone.
Rooms (15,16) which are on the first floor have balconies that are looking at the yard. Rooms (25,26) which are on the attic have French balconies and they are the only rooms which do not have standard balconies.

Three-bedded apartment

Apartments 17, 18, 21, 22, 27 and 28 are located on the first floor and on the attic. The first room within it is reserved especially for the kitchen table, while all three beds are in bedroom. Arrangement of beds is: matrimonial bed plus standards single bed. From the bedroom one can step on the balcony. The balconies in these rooms are looking towards the see and they have wonderful view. Air-conditioning, TV, telephone, bathroom is all included.

Four-bedded apartment
Four-bedded apartments are located on the ground floor (1,2) and on the first floor (11,12). All the apartments are made of two rooms. In the first one, there is completely equipped kitchen, dinning table, telephone, and sofa bed, and it is connected with a bathroom. The other room is bedroom with matrimonial bed, closet, shelf with mirror, TV, air-conditioning and an exit to the balcony. Balconies in these rooms are looking at the yard. Bed which is in the first room, a sofa bed, can be unfolded and two children can comfortably sleep in it.

Four-bedded A apartment
Four-bedded apartments are located on the ground floor (3,4), on the first floor (13,14) and on the attic (23,24). Like other four-bedded apartments they consist of two separate rooms, except these are bigger. The first room has a sofa bed which can be unfolded for sleeping, kitchen with fridge, TV, telephone and connection with bathroom. Bedroom consists of matrimonial bed, standard single bed, closet and a shelf with mirror.
Rooms 4, 14, 24 are looking towards the see and rooms 14 and 24 have a beautiful view because of the heights. Rooms 3, 13, 23 are looking at the yard from their balconies.

Hotel Djuric

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