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Hotel Rozaje

Hotel Rozaje
Rožaje bb.Rozaje
Positioned in the very center of the town, hotel Rozaje with his visualidentity represents a perfect match of a modern architecture and authentic mountain elements which are the main characteristic of the Montenegrin north.
The hotel Rozaje, now, the top quality hotel with the various following services, represents a unique thing in the north of Montenegro not only by his interior but also thanks to a complete service.

The accommodation capacity of the hotel Rozaje is: 33 rooms (8 single, 22 double, one room with tree beds and 2 luxurious apartments).
Every accommodation unit is arranged according to the highest standards. Special care was taken about interior, colors and all the materials used in the space. Every room has a luxurious bathroom with the latest accessories and cosmetic products of the most famous European producers.
One can also choose different categories of beds concerning the fact that we have king size and queen size beds.
It is up to you what will you choose an it is up to us to make you fell the warmth and the stile of our hotel and to make you become our regular guest.

The restaurant with 70 seats, ideally positioned downstairs and elegantly connected with the central part of the hotel and the reception, is the place of gathering, relaxing and enjoying in authentic gastronomic specialties.

The facility you can not afford to miss is a place for massage. Professional and excellently trained staff will relax you.
One can choose between relax, sport or some other kind of massage.

The high mountain plateau of Rozaje is situated between Dimiskin’s bridge, Golo Brdo and Banica Krs, at the altitude of 1000 meters above the sea.

The three roads give Rozaje a very favorable position with regard to the tourist flow towards the Montenegrin coast.

One can arrive to Rozaje from three sides:
- road from Bijelo Polje through Berane,
- road from Novi Pazar and Kosovska Mitrovica
- Road through the Kula border crossinf which presents a connection with Kosovo and Macedonia via the city Peja.

The Belgrade – Bar railway improves the transport position of Rozaje although it is not directly related to the Rozaje region and the best connection is through Berane and Bijelo Polje.
When it comes to air transport the future transportation position of Rozaje will be very favorable having in mind that it is relatively close to the Airport in Berane.
The State of Montenegro is situated in the south of Europe, at the Adriatic coast. It combines a specific life stile, still well preserved medieval architecture and wild beauty.

Montenegro occupies 138 000 km2 and the population is around 620 000.The administrative center is Podgorica and the capital is Cetinje.
The international call number is +382. Currently, there are two mobile operators with GSM standards.
The Wi-Fi zone exists, for now only in Podgorica.
There are 2 international airports , Podgorica and Tivat.
During the year there is a regular ferry boat Bar- Bari and from Bar there is a railway to Belgrade (Serbia). There are also railways Podgorica-Niksic and Podgorica-Skadar (Albania).
The basic motorways are: Adriatic motorway from Ulcinj to Croatia, motorway Podgorica – Sarajevo and Podgorica – Belgrade.
Montenegro is divided into three parts: coast, central and mountain part. booking department

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