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Hotel Adrovic - SPECIAL OFFER

Jadranski Put bb.85315 Sveti Stefan

Hotel Adrovic Castle is situated in an exceptionally attractive location in the most well-known prestige Montenegrin holiday resort, the island hotel of - Sveti Stefan. In typical Mediterranean surroundings the Hotel Adrovic is built in baroque style with elements of a medieval castle. The hotel is dominated by the distinctive terraces of the café and restaurant from where there is a superb view over most of the Budva Riviera.
Hotel Adrovic will give you a feeling of belonging to the Mediterranean and offers you the holiday of your dreams. Every moment spent in these unique surroundings will be etched in your memory and will remain with you for the rest of your life.
Hotel Adrovic not only has an exclusive position  on the Montenegrin coast – but is also distinguished by the quality of its facilities, the fully furnished, well-equipped apartments, just right for a complete holiday and for the enjoyment of all our guests. The hotel staff is at your disposal 24 hours a day, and the accent is on friendliness, comfort, cleanliness and quality.
Hotel Adrovic offers the widest range of apartments which  meet the requirements of individuals, families and organized groups.
The Hotel is open all year round.

Special offer: Bed and breakfast from 25 - 35 Eur per person per day Reservations

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