If you consider yourself a winter lover, this season in Montenegro could be a little challenging. At the same time, winter in Montenegro can be beautiful in its unpredictability because the Montenegrian mountains have a specific charm during the wintertime months. We had the opportunity to explore and enjoy the northern part of Montenegro when the hills are green, and the meadows are blooming.

Yet, mesmerizing view over the fields and valleys covered with snow, frozen lakes, and snowy mountain peaks that reflect in the water will make everyone fall in love with this heaven on earth. If these dreamy snowy peaks in Montenegro are on your wish-list to visit this winter, get to know more about specific activities that are available before your arrival so that you can experience mountain landscapes of the northern part of Montenegro in their full glory. Let's get started.

Nordic Skiing

Nordic skiing is among people's favorite winter activities in many parts of the world. This winter sport means skiing on the flat surface or climbing the hilly terrain with back and forth moves, similar to hiking or running in the skies. Nordic skiing is the ideal winter recreation suitable for all ages, and you don't need any experience to enjoy this entertaining activity in the snow. There is a trail marked for langlauf placed 800 m from the city center in Zabljak, where the ski pass is not needed. The path that is accessible for everyone starts at the sports center, follows the circular route through the woods, and finishes next to the healthcare facility downtown. Tours are usually arranged in groups. Besides Nordic skiing techniques, the guide will also present the history of this picturesque town and respond to your questions about the winter in this beautiful mountain area.

Snowshoes Hiking

Zabljak is best known for long walks through untouched nature. The route that goes through the dense spruce and firs forest and the area of the largest glacial lake in Durmitor, Black Lake, to Savin Kuk ski center is a great place for recreational activities.  

Put the snowshoes over your winter shoes and experience Durmitor's natural beauty from a different perspective during your winter visit. The visual balance of white powdery paths and evergreen pines stand out as a contrast along the entire way -  a combination that gives a particular charm to this whole experience.

A unique kind of excitement is the wild animal tracks in the snow. The trail is 6.7 km long, lasts two hours, and conquers the climb of 268 meters. Back in the day, the locals used snowshoes for traveling long distances covered with snow out of necessity. Nowadays, snowshoeing is a popular sport and a fun recreational activity in the snow. Snowshoeing paths in Montenegro are marked with particular winter markings, and this activity is suitable for all ages.  


The cold doesn't bother the residents of Kolasin and Zabljak, and a few locations with everlasting frost can demonstrate that statement, like the untouched nature of the Sinjajevina, Bjelasica, and Komovi peaks, where the average winter snowfalls are between 110 and 150 cm, with over two meters high on the highest grounds. These places have a continuous snowfall that lasts over 60 days with a 1000 meter long trail for the ski-doo ride, located 2000 m above sea level. This trail will allow you to ride through frosty pines, firs, and spruces, where you will experience beautiful impressions of the hidden mountainous parts that are inaccessible to skiers and hikers.

One of the most extraordinary and super adventurous snowmobile trails passes through the Njegovodja village in the Sinjajevina direction, next to Zminicko lake, through Studenci and Gomile pastures. Positioned in National Park Durmitor on 1477 m above sea level, the next on this tour is Zabojsko lake, which is also the rest-stop for this fun tour. The drive continues to Zabojsko lake on the other side of Sinjajevina mountain, at the foot of the Kurozeb peak (1886 m) through the pastures of the village of Gornja Bukovica, between Savnik and Zabljak and reaching the beautiful mountain Devil's and Fish Lakes. The road leads over the highland lake in Zabljak and back to the hotel. The guests are welcome to combine the snowmobile tour with other attractions and tours, like Nordic disciplines, for example, or mountain camping for individuals or groups. The ski-doo tour is about 60 km long.  


Winter in Zabljak and Kolasin is exciting, where the first snow brings crowds to the towns. And the fun begins whether you enjoy the wind in your face while skiing or the serenity and whispers of the surrounding lush forests, these mountain towns have slopes for all types of ski lovers. So, revel in the divine scenery of evergreen surroundings covered with snow while skiing.  

The ski center Kolasin 1600 is one of the most extensive snow playgrounds in Montenegro, with over 16.5 km of operational ski slopes during all seasons. Surrounded by the spectacular landscape, these trails operate by modern standards. Ski center Kolasin has all types of slopes for skiers and snowboarders, from the most accessible slopes for beginners to the most demanding ones for experienced skiers. They are classified as easy, medium-heavy, and heavy.

The trails are also ready when the snow coverage is low in the summertime. The snowmaker system allows ski season to start in December and last until April.

1600 Center Kolasin got its name after the location's altitude, which is the starting point for the six-seater ski lift. The terrain is suitable for the biggest ski and snowboarding enthusiasts because the soft snow cover between the trails allows for a safe ride, also known as a free ride. A new ski center K7 and the ski lift are in the final phase of the construction. The new ski center will have nine additional trails, 10.5 km long. After joining two ski centers, Kolasin will be one of the largest ski areas in the region, with 45 ski trails in total.  


In recent years, the Montenegro mountains became popular in the southeastern part of Europe for all kinds of winter sports. The winter sport that stood out in previous years and attracted the attention of many visitors from the country and abroad is snowboarding. This year, the most popular ski centers in Kolasin 1600 that will welcome many celebrities and tourists from different parts of the world are Torine, Jelovica, Zarski, Smiljaca, Savin Kuk, and ski center Javorovaca. The slopes are regularly maintained, and there is something for everyone - from the small recreational trails to snowboard parks, many suitable for jumps.  

Vucije ski center held several important events for the snowboarding lowers in the past several years, like the international snowboard and hip hop event organized in March 2014, where many snowboarding clubs from the ex Yugoslav countries participated.

At the ski center Kolasin 1600, the official opening for ski and snowboarding season started on December 18.2021. and it was a big event with the performance of one of the most popular DJs in the region, Mark Nastic.

Tour Skiing

One of the newest winter sports, popular among outdoor lovers, is tour skiing. Tour skiing is a mountain activity that mainly depends on natural surroundings and weather conditions. It is often connected with ski running because it includes skiing off the official trails. Tour skiing is a discipline of a specific way of climbing. Gear used in tour skiing provides easy and efficient climbing. Depending on the participant's fitness level and the snow conditions on trails, various mountain peaks are part of the tour. Activities include climbing and skiing to the top of the mountain and then sliding into the valley.  

Panoramic Ski Lift Drive

One of the most alluring attractions of the Kolasin ski center in Montenegro is the six-seater ski lift K8, with an exit point at the 2,035 m of sea level. This scenic ski lift drive will take you to Troglava top, which has the most magnificent vista over the surrounding mountains. The ski lift has a capacity of 5500 guests per hour, and it is equipped with heaters, a sound system, and wi-fi for the ultimate visitor's comfort and convenience. With completely reconstructed ski-lifts, Jezerine and Kljuc, or the ski lift Cupovi, and the new six-seater Vilina Voda cable car, the most modern open ski lift in Montenegro, it is not difficult to stay away from the crowds.

Since northern Montenegro is the center for winter activities in one place, this article will inspire you to plan your most fun winter holiday in detail while considering some of the most beautiful parts of Montenegro.

You will leave behind all the worries of everyday life when you find yourself in front of the magnificent views over Montenegrian peaks, lakes, and forests. Live the most incredible experience of an active holiday in the Montenegrin mountains by planning your trip on time! If you have already decided to spend your winter vacation in Montenegro, these are the seven best activities you should not miss!

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