The Paragliding Montenegro Budva club offers tandem paragliding at one of the most attractive locations in Europe.

1. Paragliding in Budva

The Paragliding Montenegro Budva club offers tandem paragliding at one of the most attractive locations in Europe.

The takeoff spot is from the top of the mountain above the beach from Braici peak, with the grand views of Becici shore and the entire city of Budva.

Thrill-seekers shouldn't miss this unique experience. Due to stable weather conditions and beautiful landscape, spectacular combination of mountains, and sandy beach seashore, this location is considered as one of the prime paragliding sites in Europe.

Tandem flights start with two people getting into a harness and running up to ten meters pulling the glider before taking off into the air and leaving the ground below. The Budva Paragliding team guarantees a perfectly safe flying adventure any time of the year because Montenegro is one of the best places for this activity.

Whether you are experienced or inexperienced in flying or belong to any age group, paragliding is a legal and permitted fun activity in Montenegro. The team uses special equipment which allows even 3-year old kids to fly, and the age limit for the older thrill seekers is 93. Tandems can carry from 25 up to 120 kilograms per harness. Flying paragliders is a superb and joyful experience even in the wintertime.

2. Canyon Nevidio adventure

If you enjoy adventurous holidays, we recommend one of the most exciting tours - the Canyon Nevidio adventure. Nevidio Canyon extends near the town of Savnik. This canyon with incredible stone features, waterfalls, and fish swimming around is an undeniable beauty.

The ride is a very intense, four hours long adventure, full of jumps, interesting mazes, waterslides, so be prepared to get your canyoning clothes and equipment and jump into the water! You will have so much fun sliding, jumping, and swimming along the way.

And if you are a high-sensation seeker or an adrenaline-junkie, the most thrilling thing about the tour is that you never know what's coming next throughout the Canyons.

People are astonished by the wild and epic scenery in the mountains of Central Montenegro. You will have an incredible time during the 2 kilometers long Nevidio Canyon hike while walking, crawling, and jumping, through the spectacular bedrock stones and finishing the tour with a jump from 8, 10, or 12 meters high cliffs.

After this startling excursion, you will have lunch in the picturesque Ethno-village Nevidio. Usually, all the participants work up an appetite and have a big lunch filled with the local cuisine choices and Niksic Beer. 

3. Tara Rafting

The stunning nature of the Tara river canyon, clear water, challenging rapids is the experience you can generally expect from these tours.

Many nature lovers enjoy swimming in the river and having hydro massages in the little waterfalls. This super cool adventure will even take you in the water battles with other rafters.

Different rafting level tours are available - from the tours for those who fancy a couple of pleasant hours on the river or for those who like a more intense, rapid course.

The Tara river has crystalline waters flowing through the canyon and occasionally intervals led by fast rapids. Regardless of your preference for the short or long runs, either way, you will enjoy 18 km of the Tara-river crystalline waters flowing through the canyon and later savor the delicious local specialties.

4. Smokovac rock climbing

Montenegro is an excellent destination for climbers seeking to explore something new, appreciate easy logistics, and like tufa climbing. When considering its climate, relatively low prices, easy access to crags, still unrevealed potential of routes and other activities besides climbing, Montenegro is a uniquely attractive country for a climbing trip. Easy access to hot spots makes it also a good destination for families!

The rock is composed of good quality limestone, and even though tufas are the most prominent structure, it's possible to find a good variety of rock features like slabs, vertical walls, caves, overhangs, etc. Montenegro sport climbing also offers bouldering, multi-pitch, trad, and DWS.

The best time for climbing in Smokovac, located 8.5km from Podgorica, is during the spring and fall months. If the humidity is not too high, it is possible to climb during the summer season, but only in the shade.

It is challenging to climb during the winter months, considering many cold, rainy days in this region of Montenegro, therefore wet routes. The area of Smokovac is currently the largest sport climbing cliff in Montenegro, with a height of up to 35 meters. Although this rock has multiple categories for climbing, the most appealing and typical for this area is tufa climbing.

The Smokovac area significantly progressed since 2006., when a group of climbing enthusiasts discovered this crag near the capital city of Podgorica. There are around 80 routes and up to 8b sets on the rock band itself, which is in a concave shape and 250 meters in length.

Teams are developing new and exciting routes, but for now, you can enjoy existing ones in the: north-west, south-west, and in the main best-developed crag area overlooking the right side of the valley.


Wishing to revel in the mountain treasures of Montenegro, this tour will take you through the most charming, picturesque places. Skilled guides and a perfectly planned trip will make your day unforgettable. It is a whole day 50-70 km long ride, starting between 9 and 10 in the morning and ending in the late afternoon. The time of return depends on the speed. Therefore it could be any time between 3 - 5 pm, depending on the group's pace preference.

Kapetanovo lake is at 1.670 meters above sea level. The remote lake stands lonely in the hills of Lukavica mountain, surrounded by the serene lake setting.

The incredible nature, deep blue water, and simplicity of the lake itself will make you feel like you are in paradise. Tour guides often customize tours depending on the visitors' proficiency levels. However, the original route isn't ranked as hard.