Canj is a little coastal village with a large crystal clear, beautiful beach very popular with tourists. It is known as a low-cost destination, almost invisible from the Adriatic highway. You must approach and discover this beautiful spot. Its GPS coordinates: 42° 09` 40`` N, i 19° 00` 20 `` E.

Canj is placed on the edge of the translucent lagoon, off the halfway between Bar and Petrovac. Even though Canj is part of the Bar municipality and Bar riviera, tourists from Canj happily make quick daily trips to Budva, which takes half an hour to an hour depending on the traffic.

Canj is 54km away from the Tivat airport and only 45km from the airport of the Montenegrin capital - Podgorica.

Sutomore's proximity to the railway station significantly affects the occupancy of the local accommodation capacity during the peak of the travel season.

Regardless of the accommodation or transportation, you choose to arrive in Canj, all visitors can be sure this is the place to have a peaceful, relaxing vacation. Through Mediterranean macchia, all the way down the coast, the road is very narrow for about 1.5 km. The surprise is waiting for you at the very end of that road - the beach!

Sutomore's seaside also called "Pearl coast" is known for its beautiful, 1200 meters long beach. Isolated from the busy roads, Canj is an ideal vacation spot for teenagers, couples with children, and lovers of the Adriatic Riviera in the summer months.
In the inland part of the Pearl Coast, not far from the beach, there is an untouched coastal maquis. This specific botanical combination of pine and shrubby plants, in the slightest wind, is like aromatic fragrant to nostrils! It is not uncommon to talk about Canj as some air spa, where the mountain and coastal winds meet. During the entire year, the humidity is high so this place comes highly recommended for all those who suffer from conical respiratory diseases. Canj is an ideal place for the children's holiday, proven to boost children's immune systems.

Everyone should get a snorkeling mask in here because coastal snorkeling clears the bronchi!
Canj also has its other side, like all other coastal towns, offering always economical hotels, apartments, rooms for rent, restaurants and pizza parlors, coffee shops, affordable beach bars, shops, sports facilities (pedal boats, diving club, gym, sports fields), parks, post offices and much more.

Positive internet comments from guests who visited Canj are common:

"I spent the summer in Canj with my husband. We arrived by car in the afternoon. Within half an hour of our arrival, we had found a double bedroom with a private bathroom, terrace, kitchen with refrigerator, air conditioning, and parking, 300 m from the Pearl Coast. My dears, we have never had a better vacation. After breakfast, we would go to the beach, swim and sunbathe until noon, then have lunch, rest a bit - and back to the beach. The sun is up until 20.00 h. Infinite joy. In the evening hours, we used to walk by the sea. We found a restaurant with a good Leskovac barbecue and cold beer. The parks are well-kept, the water is clear, and the fruits and vegetables are always fresh. We heard from friends that the hotels, although a bit older, are well kept. Greetings from Mary".

"A Nice place for families with small children and people wanting some peace away from the crowds ... “

Who wants to escape deeper into nature from the summer crowds?  

Everyone who claims that a genuine pearl is not 1,200 km long beach Pearl Coast is right. It is the nearby fairytale Queen's Beach (not to be confused with the same name Queen's Beach in Milocer, see that)?! Paradise Bay can only be reached by local tour boats (frequent traffic) or by private boat.

For those who have already experienced boating in Montenegro and would like to tour more on the coast, central or northern parts of Montenegro - there are plenty of options.