Nothing can compare with a vacation which includes relaxing horseback riding. For ages, horses were part of the everyday life of people in the northern region of Montenegro.

Numerous bungalows testify to the existence of cattle breeding and breeding of these noble animals. Horses were mostly used for collecting wood, transporting grain and salt from the city, hauling it, and of course, horseback riding. Nowadays, the combination of accommodation in one of many eco-villages or private cottages with horseback riding represents the best way to explore National parks, many lakes, the river flows, and various mountain ranges.


Organized horseback riding tours will take you on the trails not accessible by car, and therefore the experience of untouched nature, the tranquility of the surroundings, and absolute peace will be a complete voyage.

In many horseback riding schools available in the northern part of Montenegro, you may learn the basics of riding horses during your visit. You can also subscribe to one day or even more sessions, which are part of the tours in combination with camping. These tours will introduce you to the idyllic mountain parts of Bjelasica, Durmitor, Sinjajevina, and Piva.

One more important characteristic of interaction with horses is that horseback riding or hippotherapy represents a known and proven method in helping people with disabilities and improving the effectiveness of their social integration. In Kosanici place next to Pljevlja, the first ranch for hippotherapy in Montenegro is open now and receives visitors daily.