Don’t we all dream of heading off to a new, scenic location where we can make the best use of the remaining summer sun and immerse ourselves in myriad shades of blue? The end of August is the perfect time to explore. The summer is still warm, but with an ever-present breeze, and sometimes the waves are just asking to be followed. We boarded the boat at the city port in Budva and set off on an adventure. The destination: the largest island in this part of the archipelago, the island of Sveti Nikola (St. Nicholas). The locals also call it Školj, or “shell”, because its shape resembles that of a seashell. And, as we all know, every shell has a story…

The fascinating cliffs running around the Old City led us to the famous cave, in which the deep blue waters lured us to dive in and explore the underwater world.

One kilometer (0.6 miles) separated us from a dreamy, tropical destination and complete tranquility. The journey around the island, getting to know its past, and the deposits of sedimentary rock, reminded us of how short and fleeting the human lifespan is. The high cliffs with their colorful green vegetation descended precipitously, deep into the sea, and in between them narrow layers of white pebbles could be glimpsed in the shadows of the rocks here and there.


We discovered these small, natural beaches from the sea, and they enticed us with their perfection. The entire island of Sveti Nikola is two kilometers (one mile) long, and the highest cliff on the island stands at 121 meters (397 feet).

The island was named for the Church of St. Nicholas, which dates back to at least the sixteenth century. Three large beaches with beach bars are popular, with many small beaches around the island only accessible from the sea. We decided to swim to one and found the combination of the dramatic rocks and the peculiar settlement surrounded with lush vegetation, as well as the crystalline, turquoise waters, unusually appealing, and we decided we wanted to return as soon as possible.