Plav (Plavsko Lake, Murino, Brezovica, River Lim, Montenegro)

Plav is a small town in the mountains near the Albanian border. Located 950m above sea level, only several remaining monuments testify the historic importance this town once had, Režepagić tower from the 17th century and Imperial mosque (Careva džamija) from the 18th c. The Plavsko Lake and regions artery River Lim are the main tourist attractions.

To reach Plav it is best to take the road from Kolašin or Berane through Andrijevica. 

The town of Plav was first mentioned in the 13th century as the main caravan road from Kotor to Istanbul. Plav was at that time a grand market for dairy and meat products from the mountains as well as agricultural products from the fertile valley that surrounds the town. Additionally, this town for centuries had a monopoly on fishing and fish products since even today the Plavsko Lake is very rich with fish especially trout.

Though the town consists of new houses, its physiognomy is still very oriental. In the čaršija, net of narrow streets in the old town lead to the two most important sights Redžepagić tower from the 17th century and the Imperial Mosque from the 18th c. In the middle ages the town had fortification walls and towers built by local landlords to serve as homes and if needed transformed into impregnable forts. 

The main tourist attraction is certainly Plavsko Lake, the largest of several glacier lakes in the Prokletije mountain massif. The scenery mirrored on its dark blue surface is almost unreal, bare rocky peaks covered with snow in mid-summer as a backdrop behind green fields and thick forest on the lower slopes of the mountains. The lake is 4,7km long, 1,7km wide covering a total area of about 5,4km².

Divided by a sallow peninsula (not more than 5 to 10m deep) the lake is filled by the water from the river Luče that springs in Gusinje (lookup, Montenegro) from the west end and in the north spills out into the Lim River, longest in Montenegro.

Even though the shore is covered with reed and always cold water, the locals and tourists enjoy swimming and sailing across in fishing boats. From the new hotels built by the lakeshores, restaurants, and new hiking trails, it is clear that Plav is expanding its tourist capacities in promoting its natural beauty.

The complete eastern area of Montenegro is interesting for mountaineers and hikers. The mountain range of Visitor (2217m) and its lake is one of many challenges for courageous climbers. Close by is the village Djuričkoj river with a spring of natural mineral water. 

Plav is a convenient starting place for excursions to Murino and Brezojevica. The cold mountain River Murino flows through pictures of wilderness surrounding the Polimlje area. It’s favored among the locals as a weekend swimming resort. Halfway from Plav to Murino is the Brezojevica Monastery. In the monastery yard is the church Sv. Troice from the Middle Ages and a building in which back in 1893 was the local school. 

River Lim spills out from Plavsko Lake flows northwards through north Montenegro passing Berane and Bijelo Polje (lookup, Montenegro). Most of its flow passes through a valley, but since this is a mountain river, it has several sections where it speeds up and rushes through several small gorges that make it popular among rafters.