Seaside village Njivice, almost facing Herceg Novi's city port, is a modern hotel village immersed in the Mediterranean growth trend, located only a couple of kilometers away from Igalo and the city center.

The place is known for its long pebble beach called Kraljica Beach, named after queen Maria Karadjordjevic, who visited the beach in 1932.

Like every beach village in this region, Njivice has its church - St. Petka. Through serpentine slopes, winding asphalt roads lead to the next closest village of Zvinje (3 km). Looking over the bay from Herceg Novi, it seems as if Zvinje rises on the top of the mountain slope, but that is not the case.

If you take a closer look, you will see that each house is built on a cascade with unique views, expanding to the farthest corners of the Tivat bay. Even though Zvinje doesn't have running water, many holiday homes found their place here. The owners know why! It is, of course, the unique views these places have. However, the best spot is situated half an hour up Ilinica hill.

On top of the hill, from the small gate of the tiny St. Ilija church, you can view the entire bay and part of the Croatian coast up to Molunat, including the small archipelago. The place houses a tomb of French soldiers who died in 1806. battles.