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Catovic Mills

ImageMorinj - Donji Morinj (Lower Morinj), a small place in the Bay of Kotor, is also known as the Venice of the Bay of Kotor, because of the numerous springs and streams which flow into the sea. The almost marshy nature of the terrain in the Western part of the Bay of Risan combined with the unbelievable natural beauties under the Eastern edge of the Orjen massif, because of which the streams do not dry up all year round, was an ideal position for building water mills. ImageImageAnd so ''Catovica mlini (Catovic's mills)'' were built right here, says today's owner Lazar Catovic, amongst the other forty or so mills which served all the surrounding area for olive pressing and wheat flour milling almost up to the middle of the twentieth century. ImageWith much hard work and even more love for what he is doing, Catovic has made what is an architectural jewel of catering in complete harmony with its location, constantly adapting the extensions to his restaurant to the surroundings without for a moment spoiling the environment of the old mill and its setting. ImageImageImage''I have always taken care to blend everything into the existing surroundings, and all these oranges, lemons, loquats, bananas, bamboo and all the other plants have been here for ages and I didn't want to change anything. ImageThere are many springs around the building, I don't think anybody knows how many, but what is known is the characteristic temperature which is from six to eight degrees Celsius all year round. ImageImageThe main stream which runs through the grounds of the restaurant comes from the Trn spring and you can come up stream from the sea but only in a very low boat because of the bridge, and wild animals have become so used to our presence that ducks, geese, peacocks and ferruginous ducks have become almost tame and swim around the restaurant without fear''. ImageThe Restaurant specializes in fish specialties and there are about seventy different ones on the menu. 'Catovica mlini' restaurant is definitely a place that you mustn't miss on a visit to Montenegro. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage