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Artistic center

Herceg Novi – Cultural centre "AS" has been in existence for twelve years in the Bay of Kotor, as a veritable "Don Quixote". Image Over this time the centre has trained on average 130 students a year in the following categories: classical ballet, modern movement, folklore, and Latin-American dance. Image "AS" artistic centre recently won a second place in the European modern movement competition recently held in Vienna, Austria. Image One other great quality of "AS" is its work in bringing down borders in the Balkans by regular guest appearances by similar centres from all over the "mountainous peninsular": "We aim, and we believe we have been successful to show that there are no borders or obstacles for true values. We encourage the nurtering of neighborly relations and the building of bridges of friendship. This way good vibrations are sent out and true values which bring prosperity are affirmed.", said Jadranka Krsanac-Kovacevic director of the "AS" center.

This year, thanks to the "AS" artistic center, members of the "Kolo" ensemble from Belgrade came for the first time for fourteen years. Also for the first time since 1990 the Montenegrin public had an opportunity to marvel at the artistry of the artists of Mostar in the form of the legendary ensemble "Camarad" who are celebrating their thirtieth birthday. Within the context of positive vibrations from Montenegrin we find the inventiveness of people responsible for the cultural life of Herceg Novi who with great skill managed to combine one of the best products of Montenegro - water polo, with locally popular musician Zeljko Samardzic, who won second place in the competition for the choice of entry for the Eurovision song contest. Image The Herceg Novi Water polo club Jadran has dominated this season in the domestic championship, winning the double crown (national champion and winner of the national cup) and reached the final of the European Champions' League. Image The men from Herceg Novi celebrated their greatest success in the seventy eight year history of the club with a concert for ten thousand people in the town square given by none other than Zeljko Samardzic. Image We can say that water polo is one of the best products of Montenegro as two teams from the Bay of Kotor reached the quarterfinals of the European Champions' League: "Jadran" from Herceg Novi and "Primorac Jugopetrol" from Kotor, who together have eight potential members of the team that will defend the colors of Serbia and Montenegro at the forthcoming Olympic Games in Athens.

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