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Film festival

ImageHerceg Novi – The eighteenth Herceg Novi Film Festival, one of the most important in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, has finished. The Festival which began life as the Yugoslav festival of film production, went through a number of changes, but it has retained its authority and the respect of film makers in this part of theworld. This is evidenced by the fact that a large number of film makers try to time things so that their films have their premiere in Herceg Novi. Of the eleven films that where shown during the six days of the festival at the Kanli Tower this year, there were three premieres "Take a deep breath" by Dragan Marinkovic, "Autumn is coming, my little Dunja" by Ljubisa Samardzic, and "We're packing the Monkeys again" by the young Montenegrin director Marija Perovic. This last one is the first film with a completely Montenegrin production team. After a break of many years, that is the first completely Montenegrin made film after those made by Zivko Nikolic."We're packing the Monkeys again" is a witty love story with a social theme about a young couple and the surroundings they are condemned to live in, or in other words, about ordinary Montenegrins and the problems of modern day life interwoven with the inescapable influence of tradition and mentality. The director Marija Perovic, whose first film this is, with its obvious influence from the esthetics of French film, has successfully brought to life the screenplay of Milica Piletic, and has entrusted the main roles to young Montenegrin actors Jelena Djokic, Andrija Milosevic, Ivana Covic and Dubravka Vukotic, lead by their professor of acting, Boro Stjepanovic. ImageImageWell attended as always, The Herceg Novi Film Festival gives its visitors an opportunity to participate in the awarding of prizes, by awarding a prize from TV News in cooperation with the Novosti publishing house for the best film chosen by the public. This year the winner was "Autumn is oming, my little Dunja" Imageby the director Ljubisa Samardzic. ImageThe fact that the same film received the main prize The Golden Mimosa from the expert jury made up this year of Boro Draskovic, director, Stevan Koprivica, dramatist and film writer, and Mirko Vlahovic, actor, shows that the audience in Kanli Tower really liked the film.Apart from the Grand Prix the Golden Mimosa, each year the jury awards eleven more prizes. At this year's eighteenth Herceg Novi Film Festival the most prizes were won by the film "Autumn is coming, my little Dunja". Prizes went to Jasmina Sanader for costume design, to Veljko Despotovic for the screenplay, to Zoran Maksimovic for sound, to Radoslav Vladic for photography, to Kalina Kovacevic for best actress for her masterly performance. ImageShe received a painting from the Katuric gallery of Herceg Novi, which each year awards a painting from its collection to the best actor/actress.ImageThe Golden Mimosa for best director went to Milos Radovic for the film"Small World".ImageThis film took the prize for special effects, work of Srdjan Stojanovic, and for best editor Stevan Maric, while the prize for best actor was shared between the actors Lazar Ristovski and Bogdan Diklic.The film "Sparkle in your eyes" directed by Srdjan Karanovic was also awarded a prize by the jury. This film received the Golden Mimosa for the masks, made by Visnja Karaulic, for the score composed by Zoran Simjanovic and for the screenplay written by the director Srdjan Karanovic.ImageImageImageImage