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Regatta: The Old Nail

Image Herceg Novi – Although it is already October the tourist season in the Bay of Kotor is showing no sign of ending. Because of the superb natural conditions, mild weather with an air temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius together with the inventiveness of the locals, visitors to the ''Bride of the Adriatic'' (Herceg Novi) at this time of year have been able to enjoy water sports. The best example of this was the now traditional regatta for vintage yachts ''Stara brokva (The Old Nail) 2004''. Image Organised by the club of the same name from Herceg Novi in the waters off the town of mimosa, the competition attracted some fifteen original vintage yachts, one of them made as long ago as 1908. Image The regatta lasted about two hours, and the racing took place under the so-called ''sausage'' system – three times round two buoys. Image The fastest and most skilful over the course was Marko Bjelic from the ''Jugole Grakalic'' club of Herceg Novi, while fellow club member Dragan Mladenovic finished in second place. Third place was won by Ognjen Karadzic from the ''Stara Brokva'' club, and there were also prizes for the oldest sailor, Ilija Pusic and the youngest competitors, Una Lucic and Lav Vukotic who are only five. Image As part of the event the eighth individual exhibition by the painter Zoran Bulatovic, an authentic representative of Herceg Novi and of the life-style of artists from the Bay, was held in the club's own premises. Image Nebojsa Mandic